#YourCustomerROI Twitter Chat (Sept. 8)


image640x480Join #YourCustomerROI Twitter chat to learn how to adopt a more customer-centric company culture. Knowing what customers really want is your competitive edge. Join Wendy Glavin, 20-year marketing communications, PR, social and digital media founder and CEO, Wendy Glavin and David Berkowitz, founder of the Serial Marketer.

To participate log on to Twitter and follow the #YourCustomerROI, or you use a tool like Tweetchat.com which allows you to tweet directly into the chat with the hashtag and shows you all the tweets from other participants.

How does determining your core value increase your ROI?

Gallup’s 2016 analysis found that countless B2B and B2C companies say they have a customer-centric culture. But Gallup finds few do. In fact, B2B companies are at risk of losing more than two-thirds of their customers, only 29% of B2B customers are fully engaged — that is, emotionally and psychologically attached to the companies they do business with. The other 71% of customers are ready and willing to take their business elsewhere. It is no longer enough for companies to view the world from their vantage point. Learn how to create a customer-centric model by putting your customer at the core of everything.

Wendy and David will answer questions about how to create a customer-centric model by putting your customer at the core of everything. Learn what customers demand in our “always on, always connected” mindset. Wendy is offering a free consultation on #B2B #contentmarketing #strategy #socialmedia, #digitalmedia #strategy #publicrelations. Follow Wendy at @wendyglavin. Follow David at @dberkowitz

Join the #YourCustomerROI Twitter chat Thursday Sept. 8 at 12 pm ET / 9 am PT.



Twitter chat discussion questions include:

Q-1: Good brands have high satisfaction ratings but that’s not enough. Why?

Q-2: Why do brands that make an emotional connection have a competitive edge?

Q-3: How do brands make an emotional connection? What tactics have you used to build credibility and trust?

Q-4: In our competitive marketplace, how do you differentiate a brand?

Q-5: What types of content are best for driving engagement?

Q-6: How can businesses determine the value of their product or service? What are some of the elements of value?

Q-7: What are some of elements that determine value? How does psychology help us identify needs?

Q-8: What are KPI’s that influence brand value? 

Q-9: Customers believe digital companies offer higher value. Why?

Q-10: How can you improve customer relationships? What are the key drivers of collaboration?

Q-11: How do data and metrics help generate revenue?

About Our Hosts

Serial MarketerDavid Berkowitz, currently the principal of marketing consultancy Serial Marketer, most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer at MRY, a creative agency within Publicis Groupe. Prior to joining MRY in 2013, he spent seven years leading emerging media at Dentsu agency 360i, co-founding its social media practice and running its Startup Outlook initiative.  Career Highlights:

  • Trusted advisor to many of the world’s top brands
  • 10+ year agency veteran as innovation lead
    and CMO
  • Penned >500 columns for Ad Age, eMarketer, VentureBeat, MediaPost, Mashable
  • Speaker at >300 events across five continents, including keynotes at Google, Coca-Cola, Cox, and Canon
  • Launched pilots connecting Kraft, H&R Block, MegaRed, Bravo and other brands with emerging startups
  • Lecturer at NYU, Yale, MIT, Rutgers, General Assembly


Wendy GlavinWendy Glavin is the Founder and CEO of Wendy Glavin, a full-service agency. Her 20-year marketing, communications and public relations career began at General Electric in internal communications. Next, Wendy joined the agency world at Elkman Advertising and Public Relations, and Burson Marsteller.

With a solid business-to-business (B2B) traditional and corporate background, Wendy wanted a new challenge and founded a small-business importing jewelry from France. Wendy learned the importance of focusing on customer needs, from purchasing and packaging to merchandising and selling. She gained new insights into branding within the business-to-consumer (B2C) sector.

Always wanting to stay ahead of marketing and business trends, Wendy added social and digital media marketing to the mix at Katz Creative publishing, Digital Pomegrante software and BIGfrontier Communications Group. Wendy’s strategic branding counsel originates from her work in diverse industries, specifically: technology, software, mobile apps, financial services, financial technology, supply chain, crowd funding, publishing, economic development, community outreach, fashion, jewelry, health and wellness and entertainment.


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