Your Guide to Hosting Brand Podcasts



Blogs helped democratize the creation of written content. YouTube and social media helped democratize video. And now the explosion of podcasts has democratized radio.

It used to be that podcasting was completely off-limits for anyone but the most tech-savvy. Today, it’s different. Pretty much anyone with a computer can host a digital radio show.

The road to success in this niche medium is very different, too, than it was a few years ago.

In the fast-paced environment we live in today, a well-written blog post or article may capture the attention of its reader for only a few minutes. A well-delivered podcast, however, can keep its audience steadily engaged for up to an hour – perhaps even longer.

And now brands have begun experimenting with podcasts as well. Brands such as GE, Prudential and Netflix have all launched podcasts within the past year.

Megan Calcote, podcast producer for @EducatingGeeks and @BizJournalism, recently hosted a beginner’s tutorial, where she shared a high-level look at how to get started. Here’s a look at the basics from that session and beyond.

The time to jump in is now.

Figuring out if you should jump in is possibly the trickiest step to overcome.

You may be asking yourself: “Should I do this?” “Do I have the content?” “What’s really in it for me?” or even the wretched “Who do I think I am?”

These are all questions to take in to consideration. But, if you’re already a blogger or writer, the path to negotiation with yourself shouldn’t look much different than the decision you made to start writing.



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