Your Google Resume: 4 Items To Check


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Your Google resume, what’s that?  According to job search expert, Susan P. Joyce, you have one and it’s what recruiters and others find when they search Google for your name.

Do we recruiters do this? Definitely.

To be found on Google, you should be on the first two pages of the search results because that’s where most people look.

Check you Google profile and see what comes up.  Simply type in the name you use on your resume and the results will pop up.

  • You want results to show.  Communication and marketing professionals need to be visible.
  • Your LinkedIn profile should be visible on Google and near the top of the first page.  Your LinkedIn tag line should also show.  Make sure that it accurately describes you.
  • If you have a common name, add your middle name/initial or nickname.  If there are too many other people with the same name, you can mistaken for someone else.
  • Author of articles/books, make sure the name you use is the same as the one on your resume.

Remember, just like you search for information on Google, recruiters and hiring managers also do it.  Checking your Google resume often will insure your information is correct.

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