Your FAQ Page Crash Course



Your FAQ Page Crash Course

Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR 

Your FAQ page isn’t just there to address common questions. That’s only part of the purpose. 

Done right, the FAQ section can serve a number of functions, including:

  • Addressing and alleviating purchasing anxieties that might not have been directly addressed by your product page copy;
  • Relieving some of the burden normally placed on customer support by answering common questions;
  • Improving site navigation and overall SEO;
  • Earning trust by demonstrating product expertise, while also outlining your business model;
  • Entertaining customers and demonstrating your brand’s voice by creatively answering common questions; and
  • Being proactive in preventing customer complaints and negative reviews.

This might be the case if you’re not using your FAQ page to its full potential. Here’s a guide to help you fix that. 

When used correctly, your FAQ page can benefit customers at different landmarks of their purchasing journey, whether they’re merely looking to understand how you source your product or an existing customer returning to troubleshoot an issue they’re having. 

As such, your FAQ page is different from your “About Us” page where you detail the broader story behind your brand. The FAQ section, then, is all about the details. This is where your visitors will find answers to specific questions about your product or business operation. 

How you position these answers is also an essential part of your marketing strategy. Even if the question posed is about a potential shortcoming of your product or business, this is your chance to use your public relations skills to put a positive spin on your answer. 

It is also important that you consider how to strike a balance between demonstrating authority to our readers through the depth of your answers, while not losing them by giving them more than they ask for. Focus on clear communication, delivering your answer, and moving on. 

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to use images or videos where needed to supplement your answers. Content such as this can be a great way of building your brand, inserting some of your personality, or just plain entertaining your customers with some “fun” questions and answers. 

Savvy business owners will also be sure to build an FAQ section with dedicated pages for each answer to create a more search-friendly section of your website. This is essential to boost your SEO. By hyperlinking each question to a separate page, you can help surface answers through Google and your own site’s search function. Even if your audience isn’t searching for topics related to your brand, they might be using Google to find answers to questions within your industry. This is your chance to organically attract potential new customers. 

Don’t let your FAQ page be an afterthought or a marketing missed opportunity for your business. Make sure it is discoverable and written so as to add value in a number of different ways. Are you sure that you’re making the most of yours?

Ronn TorossianAbout the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of leading PR firm 5WPR.