Writing Skills Need Help: A Practical Guide To Help


Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Writing skills are a must for anyone in the job market.  Regardless of your career path, the more you move up, the more you need to write.  Knowing how to structure your thoughts before putting them on paper, transferring them to paper and dealing with sentence and grammar structure are skills you need to learn and improve throughout your work life.

Business Writing Today:  A Practical Guide by Natalie Canavor can help.  This new edition is structured to guide you through the writing process step-by-step with examples, demonstrations and callouts.

Whether you are a student, new to working or experienced, this book can help you sharpen you skills at all levels from setting writing goals, writing all types of business materials and even helping you present a well-written resume..  For those of you in a supervisory role, you can use this as the course outline for your own in-house writing class.

From resumes to marketing materials and presentations, this book will help you or your staff reach a new level in your writing.

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