Will These Key PR Advantages Give Trump the Ultimate Edge Over Hillary Clinton?


Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Media, offer insights into Donald Trump’s public relations advantages and how they might propel him to the presidency.


Will these key PR advantages give Trump the ultimate edge of Hillary Clinton?

Message: Make America Great Again is much clearer than the message Hillary Clinton is putting out to the voting public.

Status quo vs Change: If this is a stay the course election the advantage would go to Hillary. Clearly, this seems to be about a change election. Advantage, Trump.

Clinching first: Trump will have fewer attacks within him own party to content with short term.

Economic Populism: Trump’s message is out-flanking Hillary’s message from the left. She has to him from the left of her and from the right of her.

Underdog status: The media completely missed that he had a chance of securing the Republican nomination. If Hillary’s team is smart they will build him up as the favorite and shine an even brighter spotlight on his past statements.

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  1. Colleen Sisler on at 2:27 PM

    You are assuming HRC as the locked in nominee. If the DNC were smart, they would get out of Bernie’s way and let the two underdogs fight it out on the national stage. Bernie will garner more of the Independent vote (there are more of them than either Republican or Democratic; 40% identify as Independent where only 30% identify as Republican and 30% as Democratic… both diminishing daily). Just my two cents.

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