Why It’s Good To Put Emotion In Your Marketing Message


Debra De-JongBy Debra De-Jong, Owner, Tip Top PR

As companies of all sizes, including freelancers, we want to get our marketing message across. So how do we know if our target audience “get it”?

Often, people will compliment you on your website, blog, or branding. That’s nice, but do they really want to buy from you or engage your services? In other words, does it convert to business?

The best way to tell if your (potential) customers really “get you”, is to monitor their heartbeat. It’s basically borrowing from what writers, columnists and journalists have been doing all along – engage your target audience in such a way that their pulse starts racing. Especially writers and media gurus have been using this trick for a long time – they frighten their readers (Stephen King), amuse them (Wodehouse), entice them (L.L. Martin), annoy them (Howard Stern), or confuse them (Charlie Hebdo).

It’s up to us marketing professionals to make sure that we follow along the same lines – we have to create content that will mesmerize and entice our clients’ target audience. Needless to say, this is a fluid process, so companies need to choose a marketing professional who is dedicated to keep on tweaking content to deliver the optimal message to the target audience.

To keep the interest of existing and potential customers is not easy – it involves becoming emotional. Any target audience just loves getting emotional – the amygdala tickles the emotional brain which means that it makes unconscious decisions.

Since the unconscious takes 95% of all decisions, it is a force to be reckoned with. It triggers purchasing, buying and investing decisions. Therefore, once you hit home with emotion, you will make it easy for your customers to decide to work with you.

Not convinced? Just ask yourself – why are terms & conditions or disclaimers so hard to read let alone to memorize? Exactly – it’s legal language that does not make an emotional connection.

How do you know if your target audience connects with your marketing message?

1. They lean towards you/your website/collateral and focus on your message

2. They are concentrated and ignore interruptions

3. They ask questions and want explanations

4. They ask for a follow up (e.g., sending more into, getting a brochure or a demo)

5. They want to keep in touch

About the Author: Debra De-Jong is an international marketing and PR professional with 10+ years of experience in marketing, PR, IR and business development in Europe, the USA and Israel. Reach her on Linkedin.

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