Why Digital PR is the Perfect SEO Solution

PR is the SEO solution


Digital PR and SEO are traditionally worlds apart.  But that gap is disappearing and with the new Google’s updates, PR skills could just be the missing link that gets the best SEO results.

According to a new study published this week by Stone Temple Consulting, inbound links are still one of the top ranking factors in the Google algorithm, despite the Pandas, Penguins, RankBrain and other algorithm updates. The study is a tough read if you are not statistically or mathematically inclined, so here’s the Cliff Notes version:

After looking at several other studies and then using two different mathematical models, they analyzed tens of thousands of queries and results – both commercial and informational.  The results showed that relevant inbound links are an almost perfect correlation to high rankings in Google.

There is one big caveat however: the content has to be relevant and meet the Google quality standards.

As Rand Fishkin of MOZ has said – you need to 10X the quality of your content.  Watch this video.

Digital PR has a lot to offer in this regard.  We already know how to create excellent written content.  We can tell stories.  We know how to get our content picked up and published on other properties. We know how to work with influencers.

What we need to improve on is visual content.  (Note that visual content is expected to be 80% of all content by 2018 – so make sure you are an expert at this too!)

In terms of inbound links we can add value there too.  After all, it’s organically earned links that Google values most and PR pros are the experts in earned media. ( Or we should be)

All we have to do is adapt our process so that every piece of content that gets published has a link back to our site, blog or newsroom in it. And then pitch the content to influencers other than the mainstream media.

So it seems that Digital PR is actually the perfect solution for SEO.  Who knew?

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