WHOSAY Match Adds Predictive Personality Characteristics Data From IBM Watson™

WHOSAY Match enhancement will calculate and display Influencers’ Values and Personality traits for even more exact matches between talent and brands 

CommPROWHOSAY Match Adds Predictive Personality Characteristics Data From IBM Watson™ Editorial Staff

WHOSAY, developer of WHOSAY Match, the leading brand affinity influencer matching platform and app for marketers, today announced integration of IBM Watson™ predictive personality characteristics data. WHOSAY Match now analyzes millions of posts across all social platforms and leverages the IBM Watson AI and machine learning to calculate and display Influencer personal values and personality traits for to assist in matching Influencers to brands.

“Finding the perfect Influencer for a branded collaboration requires unique first-party data, and extensive third-party insights to understand both the brand and consumer communities,” said WHOSAY CEO Steve Ellis. “IBM Watson™ extensive insights into community values and personality traits will play an essential role ensuring the WHOSAY Match provides maximum value to marketers.”

Each Influencer’s WHOSAY Match page now displays two new charts powered by IBM Watson. The unique Values and Personality charts show the percentile scores for attributes such as Openness, Emotional range, Self-enhancement and many more. These scores indicate how much higher or lower the individual Influencer compares to similar sample populations.

Influencer Values and Personality charts are among the most innovative tools for marketers to identify the best Influencers for a given brand campaign. By predicting personality characteristics, needs and values through written text, the marketer can understand the Influencer’s habits and preferences on an individual level and at scale. Here are examples of live WHOSAY Match data:

“The WHOSAY Match data can help marketers conceptualize consumption preferences by looking at an Influencer’s inclination to pursue different products, services, and activities, including shopping, music, movies, and more,” says Michael Holtzman, WHOSAY CTO. “This can then help tailor the Influencer marketing content experience to individual customers for segmentation, personalized product recommendations, and highly targeted messaging.”

This leading IBM Watson™ influencer marketing integration follows last month’s debut of WHOSAY Match’s sponsored posts filter, a new feature that allows users to filter an Influencer’s feed by branded posts, offering an aggregated feed of the most recent and relevant Influencer marketing campaigns, including those of competitors, with analytics captured and updated in real-time. 

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