When and How to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio


When and How to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio


CommPRO Editorial Staff

The number of people currently interested in investing has gone through the roof. The rise of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin has created a fandom like no other. The COVID-19 lockdown certainly helped the investment market as people were forced to do their own research and realize that this could actually be a very smart way to increase their overall value in the future. When the stock market is booming, there is no better feeling, and it is almost impossible to even consider selling any stock you have as you don’t know when its rise will stop. However, if you want to be a smart investor and ensure that you are continuously making money from your investments, you should consider diversifying your portfolio. Read on to find out when and how to diversify your investment portfolio. 

When to diversify 

Investing should never be based on reactionary feelings, instead, look at it analytically and really think about investing as an art form. By adhering to the proper research required when getting involved with investments. You will realize that a diversified portfolio is the best way to ensure a steady cash flow. If one of your investments has shot way down, it means that your other investments are carrying you and ensuring that you aren’t losing as much money as you would be if this was a singular investment. It can be difficult to keep track of all your investments when going through this process, so the best thing you can do is download investment tracking apps. What do you need to do when diversifying you ask? Read on to find out. 

Spread the wealth 

As previously mentioned, in order to have a successful, diversified portfolio, you must ensure that you have investments in different stocks or businesses to maintain a healthy balance. Stocks aren’t the only thing that you can invest in: There are plenty of different commodities such as ETFs and retail estate investment trusts. One of the best pieces of advice we could give you is to reach out globally and have a look at what is on offer across the world. If you conduct the proper research, you will be able to find out that certain companies should soon take off due to new legislation within that selected country. An example of this could be that Scotland is set to announce that petrol cars will not legally be allowed to be sold to consumers in the next decade or so. This should encourage you to look at electric motor companies and invest in who you think will target this market. It’s important not to invest too much. Ideally, you should be looking at 20-30 investments in the 1 portfolio in order to keep track and ensure continuous cash flow. 

Consider Index or Bond funds

Index funds or fixed-income funds are a great addition to your portfolio. Added security such as this ensures your journey with a diversified investment portfolio. By adding these funds you are taking out any uncertainty that your portfolio will have at least some positive readings within it. The funds are usually accompanied by low fees and mean more money in your pocket when you do eventually leave the investment. 

Keep building 

One of the worst things that you can do as an investor thinks that you’re doing well. If you have noticed a significant profit in your investments, you should consider adding more money to them. This is called dollar-cost averaging and further helps you smooth out any contingencies within your investment to ensure that you are reaching maximum profit. This method means that you have to invest on a regular basis in your portfolio. This means that you will buy when prices are low and less when prices are more. 

Know when to leave your investment 

As previously mentioned at the beginning of the article, the hardest part of any investment journey is knowing when to get out. There is no prouder feeling than catching a glimpse of how well your portfolio is doing, and it is all because of the meticulous research that you have conducted regarding the stocks you are investing in. However, 9 times out of 10, there will come a time when you have to look at the state of your portfolio and realize that there are some investments that just aren’t doing anything good for you. This is when you must leave. Even if you have made a loss on this, you should never think that you will wait until it rises a little and then leave, because that time never comes. You have to be strict with yourself and realize when to cut the cord.

Why should you diversify? 

We can see that diversifying your portfolio is a simple and easy way to protect all of your assets to the best of your ability. The reason for diversifying in the first place is to ensure that all of your eggs are not in one basket. This provides you with the financial security that you desire and strikes away a lot of risk from investing.  

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