When a PR Firm in Brazil Hires A PR Firm 5,000 Miles Away


transmedia200A Commpro News Update

Award-winning PR firm TransMedia Group announced that they will be handling publicity in the United States for a major Brazilian PR and advertising agency, RS Press in addition to some of its major clients.

“It’s not that often you get a chance to promote such an accomplished PR brother based so far away in another country,” saidTom Madden, CEO of TransMedia Group.  “But with the Internet,  what’s far anymore!”

TransMedia said it intends to show why RS Press is the communications agency chosen by so many of Brazil’s largest companies to tell their story.  “Our campaign will exhort U.S. companies to consider retaining RS Press to promote their products and services in Brazil,” said Madden. 

According to Madden, RS Press are masters at creating and deploying integrated communications programs for clients in a broad range of industries and targeting media outlets on and offline in a way that enhances brands and business.

“Just like what we do for our clients here, RS Press offers strategic planning for image building and reputation management,media training, crisis management and highly effective PR for its clients in Brazil–communications aligned with their mission, vision, values and culture in ways that improve their business performance.”

TransMedia said its publicity will show how effective RS Press is at streaming video enabling an exchange of multimedia information via videos and the Internet “as we do on YouTube for our clients,” said Madden, who was head of PR Planning at American Broadcasting Companies before becoming Vice President, Assistant to the President of NBC.

As many PR firms have discovered, RS Press knows that only posting via Twitter and Facebook is not enough to quench the thirst for information, said Madden.  

“People want to participate in real time in the life of their idols and also the actions of their favorite brands. Facebook Live, a special feature of  Facebook Mentions indicated for athletes, actors, politicians, musicians, for example, enabling the average user that follows the page to enjoy, share and comment on live video, and can access it subsequently.”

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