What’s Missing From Your Inbox


Rachel Cantor

Graduating college amid the pandemic has been nothing short of easy. After four months, I felt lost. I had just graduated from Northwestern University. I was stuck at home, and job opportunities paused due to the lockdown.

I took a leap of faith and launched my own weekly newsletter. What originally started as a passion project turned into so much more – freelance writing, new connections, job opportunities and life-long learning.

Since April, every Thursday I share my Gen-Z perspective on media & marketing as well as my recommendations for recipes, podcasts and interesting reads.

Thanks to social sharing and my network of family and friends, the newsletter audience has grown. Now, communications and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, bloggers and Gen-Zers all follow.

Today, Gen-Z is your business; tomorrow, Gen-Z will be your business too. In today’s day and age, all communications professionals need to understand this audience – their behaviors and their pain points – as well as their perspective. What Gen-Z thinks matters for you, for your clients and for your brands.

If you want to be in the know and keep up with the times, this is the newsletter for you. And if you’re looking for a fun read in your inbox, you’ll definitely want to subscribe.

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About the Author: Rachel Cantor is a recent graduate of Northwestern University, where she majored in Communication Studies and minored in French. She also holds a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications from the Medill School of Journalism. Rachel served as the Executive Co-Chair of Northwestern University Dance Marathon (NUDM), one of the largest student-run philanthropies in the nation, and raised over $1 million for non-profits in the Chicagoland area. She has interned at both Digitas and Refinery29, and she recently launched her own newsletter. She is currently looking for full-time Product and Marketing roles at startups and tech companies.