What’s In Your Email? 10 Tips Keep Your Emails Professional and Job-Search Friendly

I’ve been having a big problem with people’s emails lately. They are very unprofessional in appearance and that is not good when looking for a new opportunity. Everything you do in a job search represents you. Remember:

  1. Get rid of ‘cutesy’ email address. No one wants to contact ‘scrooge2’ or ‘babymama’ for a new job. If you want to keep your email address for personal use, open up a free account using your professional address. Just remember to check it regularly.
  2. Format your email like a cover letter. Use “Dear X:” when you have a name. Do not use “To Whom It May Concern.” If you don’t have a name, just start the body of the email.
  3. Don’t attach a cover letter. Your email is your cover letter. Keep it short, concise and easy to read. Don’t make the reader have to open two documents. You want them to concentrate on opening your resume. Don’t put your cover letter in the email and then attach it. You are sure to aggravate someone who opened it thinking there was different information in it.
  4. Be careful of your signature line. Keep it to your name, job title, phone, email address.
  5. Use the phone number you check the most. If you only check your messages when you get home, list it as “messages only.”
  6. If you have a website, list it. If an employer has an interest, they can get more information on your site.
  7. If you have an active blog, list it. A blog that is not updated regularly is not helpful to your job search.
  8. Again, if you tweet regularly, list it.
  9. If you are active on other social networks, you can list them. Just remember that an employer/recruiter will be judging you on the content. If you use your site for personal messages, don’t list it.
  10. Random quotes, thoughts, jokes do not belong on a job search email.

You must keep your image as professional as possible. Paying attention to details can get you that important first interview.