What’s In A Name? How To Name Your Resume And Cover Letter

Send-ResumeKnowing how to name your resume and cover letter is extremely important.  It’s a digital world when it comes to job hunting.  It doesn’t matter if your are answering an ad online, emailing HR or a recruiter.  Sending your resume with a generic name can cause it to be overlooked or lost in the system.  Be professional and make sure you name it properly.  You want hiring managers to know it’s your resume and make it easier to track through their email system.

1.  Personalize your file by adding your name – MarieRapertoResume or MarieRapertoCoverLetter.

2.  Remember to be consistent and use the same style for the resume name, cover letter or sample documents.

3  You can capitalize words, use spaces or dashes.

4.  Don’t use a version number.  It can give the impression that you are using different versions for different jobs or that you keep changing your resume.  You can use your computer to keep track of different versions.

Remember, every step of your job search must present you as the ultimate professional.