What’s in a Bot? How to Stop Wasting Time and Automate Your Business Instead


Ronn Torossian - What’s in a Bot? How to Stop Wasting Time and Automate Your Business InsteadRonn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR 

So, you’re an entrepreneur, which means you’re probably familiar with that feeling of wearing too many hats and working too many hours- especially in these early days of your business. It’s likely too early to start hiring staff, or maybe you’re struggling to delegate appropriately to the staff you do have. 

But what if you could automate some of your daily tasks? Consider, then, a team of bots. 

You’ve probably already used bots in your daily life, whether it’s asking Siri for a traffic update, or controlling smart devices in your home via the all-familiar voice of Alexa. Bots can bridge a weather app to your garden sprinklers, or send push notifications when a post on eBay meets your search criteria. As bots become more intelligent, they can become valuable members of your team. Here’s how to get more done with the help of bots: 


Kit is your own virtual employee, helping you perform tasks like setting up and running Facebook and Instagram ads, sending thank you emails, and creating and promoting discount codes. Kit will daily follow up with you via Messenger of SMS text with marketing suggestions; simply reply “yes” to give Kit the go-ahead. 

Social Share Bot 

Creating content across all your social media accounts, keeping them active, and engaging with your existing audience can be a full-time job in an of itself. Even so, a well-managed social media account can help drive traffic and build your brand. They’re important. 

Give your accounts a human touch by letting Social Share Bot ease some of the burden. The Social Share Bot creates content for Twitter and Pinterest whenever new products and collections are added to your online store; it also randomly chooses from a set of custom messages written by you, and in your voice. 


NumbersBot gives you easy access to your store’s data wherever you are. Find out information on your sales, conversions, average cart value, and more. NumbersBot follows up with you daily via Facebook Messenger with current sales reports and suggestions. NumbersBot also learns from you. The more you interact with the app, the more detailed reports it can provide you with. 


Zapier is a handy liaison between hundreds of apps, even if they don’t typically integrate. Zapier allows one app to talk to another and perform tasks based on your instructions. These actions then activate whenever a trigger takes place and can help you monitor brand conversations on social media or automatically manage your inbox. 

Further still, Zapier can help you stay informed of your store’s activity, even when you’re on another task, by texting you when you receive an order, or whenever a new customer registers an account. 

It goes without saying that bots are the future of truly streamlined, and therefore customer-focused, businesses. How can they help you automate your daily business tasks?

About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of NYC PR Firm 5WPR.