What’s The Best Recipe For Measuring Real Media Impact? (Free Whitepaper)


Universal3Using media values alone for evaluating your public relations effort is a recipe for disaster. Too often companies focus on advertising equivalencies rather than measuring real media impact. The result? An incomplete picture of your PR effectiveness, or worse, a strategy that damages your brand. Universal Information Services provides research into the science of media measurement and delivers strategic impact reports and dashboards for PR measurement.

Download this free 10-page, best-practices whitepaper and learn:

  • How to measure your impact across all media – traditional, online and social
  • The Top 5 key ingredients needed for real media insight
  • Real-world examples of how our Impact Scores give you deeper insight to improve
    your PR strategy.

Stop analyzing your media results with a half-baked methodology. Learn how Impact Scores based on these 5 key ingredients can perfect your PR campaigns.






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