What To Wear: 13 Tips To Dress For Success


What To Wear: 13 Tips To Dress For Success

Marie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

What to wear?  Your image plays an important role in your career advancement.  Professionalism in your work wardrobe is a must.  It can get complicated depending on the type of company and the environment.  I recently came across some rules to follow by M.M.LaFleur (www.mmlafluer.com) that I thought were worth passing on:

  1.  If  you’re bordering on cleavage, retreat.
  2.  The corporate world looks down on skirts that hit too much above the knee.
  3.  Bra straps should not be seen.
  4. If your knitwear is pilling, invest in a sweater comb.
  5. Heels should never be over four inches.  If you’re teetering or can’t walk by the end of the day, they are too high.
  6. Never wear shirts with slogans or words.
  7. Beware of runway trends.  Thigh-high boots are not cool in the office.
  8. Keep your shoes shined.
  9. Woven bracelets should be saved for summer camp.
  10.  Keep you manicure neat.  Bare nails are better than chipped ones.
  11.  The more formal your work environment, the more natural your makeup should be.
  12.  No wet hair and no too cute hairstyles (like pigtails.)
  13.  No ticketing bracelets or entry stamps.  You can talk about them but leave the evidence behind.

A good rule to follow:  Once you put your clothes on in the morning, you shouldn’t need to adjust them or think about them for the rest of the day!