What Is Your Definition of Success?


Dr. David Kubes

Success is mostly defined by luxury items – a certain job title perhaps, or in general by society.  No matter where you look, it is something that other people have decided you need to have in order to be considered successful.

What would success be for each of us if nobody had ever given us a definition? What would our own definition of success be?

My point of view about success is different: I have no definition. Once you define something, any flexibility for something greater or new is excluded. People start to focus on whatever they have defined “their success” should look like – but does focusing here really lead to success? Or does it just put more pressure on your shoulders to finally reach something that others have defined as a “must have” in everyone’s live?

What if success was not the amount of money you make, neither the number of likes or followers you have on social media, nor the Maserati in your driveway. What if success was everything that makes you happy, that makes you excited and that puts a big smile on your face? If every day you smile more than being angry or stressed or anxious-ridden, is that a successful day?

Could that ever be considered real success? Yes, if it contributes to your financial situation and leads to more money and wealth in your life.

You might ask, how could that ever be enough of a contribution to your business, to expand and generate enough income to pay all your bills, to go on vacation, and to create sustainable wealth and luxury?

Let me share some thoughts that might help you to if you’re open to removing the limitations of defining “success”:

1)  Increase your smiles

Start with one additional smile a day. Don’t do an artificial “I am happy now all the time” smile – add something to your life that makes you truly happy. One little thing a day – no matter what, no matter when. And please do not be logical – it has to be something that’s fun for you, not something that will make you money! The true fun part is important here.

The interesting part about this is, that once you smile more, more people will be drawn to you. More people will want to do business with you. Being happy and enjoying what you do is a very rare product! It creates a space of trust and confidence – someone who is not worried or concerned has a higher ability to resolve problems, has more competence in negotiating and definitely a higher level of creativity.

And we all know how prices are determined: the less a “product” is available, the higher its price. This does not only apply to oil and gas – it applies to everything; including happy people! So, turn yourself into the most valuable product – by enjoying what you do, and my making changes to your life, job and business that allows you to enjoy what you do.

2)  Be willing to be different and be aware of yourself:

  • Acknowledge the changes that occur around you when you start changing to more happiness!
  • Be aware of how people react when you start to have more joy.
  • Do take one step at a time. Rome was not built in one day. Play with this tool as if it was a game and do it only when it’s really fun for you. Do not exaggerate and be patient. Joy is a state of being – not a state of “doing something.”

3)  Look at the big picture, not at numbers only

People often tend to analyze their current financial situation or “level of success” by the cash they have in their account or the size of their house they just bought. Money is a very strong indication for success, but not the only one. When analyzing your business or level of success include everything that you truly enjoy doing; include what it creates in this world, what footprint it may leave for future generations and see how it contributes to other businesses and people.

Running a successful business or having success in your job means waking up every morning so excited that you just can’t wait to start your day, enjoying the people you work with, and knowing that whatever shows up, you will handle it.

How would your world look if every great moment was considered a success? If that just put a little smile on your face, then I just had a successful day! Enjoy and keep going!


About the Author: Dr. David Kubes is an international lawyer, avid entrepreneur, consultant, coach and certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® specialty programs, including Right Riches for You. After graduating from law school, Kubes finalized his Ph.D. in aviation law at the age of 25, and started working for Austrian Airlines in both Vienna and Washington D.C. After three years of training, he obtained his international lawyers license at the age of 28. He specializes in aviation law, finance and international project management. A savvy entrepreneur, he owns several companies and through his legal work, dealings and negotiations with different cultures and in different languages, Kubes has required a wide range of awareness and coaching. 




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