What is the Future Like for E-Commerce?

Future of eCommerce

CommPRO Editorial Staff

Everyone who is interested in working on the internet independently has thought about e-commerce as their number one choice. 

However, despite such popularity, you can still see articles that predict the impending doom of the industry.

These should be taken with a grain of salt since e-commerce continues to grow and reach new heights with each passing year.

Print on Demand

Print on demand is one of the best examples to showcase how great e-commerce is doing. There are new websites opening up every day, mostly because of how popular custom merchandise has become recently.

First, there were only t-shirts, but now, with the help of platforms like Printify, you can find print on demand mugs, calendars, hoodies, plates, and virtually anything that your heart desires.

Platform Variety


There is no monopoly in terms of the most popular dropshipping platforms. What does this indicate? Well, the fact that the industry is healthy and competitive, making already established platforms up their game so that they do not fall behind newcomers.

If you are planning to start it yourself, there are plenty of articles on the best ecommerce platforms for drop-shipping compared. It is impossible to not figure out basic things with this much information at your disposal.

Comparisons to Retail

You have probably heard about how the malls are closing down. It is another great indicator of how people moved on from retail and focused on doing their shopping on the internet.

It is simply more convenient and in the old battle of physical versus digital, there is only one potential winner. 

The likes of Amazon and eBay have paved the way for the smaller businesses, and now everyone can sell their stuff on e-stores or via drop- shipping.

Those who fail to recognize this tendency are bound to get left behind. Businesses who are open-minded have already embraced the change and are going to go with the trends rather than sticking to methods that are going to fail sooner rather than later.

Making Use of Content

People like more than just buy blindly. Yes, there was a time when it was nothing but commercials on radio, television, billboards, etc.

These days, however, an e-commerce project that consistently puts out interesting articles, shares their behind-the-scenes via social media, and is looking to increase its brand awareness will succeed.

In other words, you need to connect with your audience, enter their hearts, show that you care and want to establish long-lasting relationships.

If customers can relate to you, they will continue to spend money. So think about it. If you go to a local store, can you experience that? Unlikely. 

Keeping up with Trends

Since the world of e-commerce continues to evolve at a rapid speed, it is easy to get left behind with no chance of coming back.

You need to focus on advertising on as many channels as you can. Imagine being a customer for a second. There is more than one method to find your next purchase.

It could be a friend’s recommendation, browsing through social media, or organic search. The first one is the most difficult to accomplish since you need to build your brand and let the word of mouth do its thing. However, you are in control when working on social media campaigns, SEO and PPC.

Do not neglect either of these because every single one is as important as the next point.


One of the biggest mistakes that newcomers make has to be not delivering their promises. Clickbait titles might work on mass media, but if you are running an e-commerce business, then you will be exposed in no time.

Make sure your landing page is exactly what the ad describes. Fooling your customers will only damage your brand and leave you in a no man’s land.

Mobile Buying

The number of individuals who purchase using their smartphones and tablets continues to grow at a very rapid speed. Bigger businesses already have apps and since using smart devices is convenient, it is natural to expect such tendencies.

However, some companies have yet to realize that they are losing money every day because they are lacking in the mobile department.

It is still rare to see personalized mobile content, mobile-first payment options, etc. Who knows, perhaps if you were to focus entirely on mobile users, this could be your ticket to paradise.

International E-commerce

This one depends entirely on the method and product, but whenever there is an opportunity to advertise yourself internationally, you should do so without asking hesitating.

East has become a popular destination, especially countries like China, Japan, and Singapore. If you could cater to the needs of these people, can you imagine how much money would become available?

To make a conclusion, e-commerce is a tough nut to crack and there are changes happening all the time. Even those who have established themselves are experiencing difficulties every now and then. But because there is money to be made, these sorts of things should be expected. As for what the future holds, we can only wait and see for ourselves.