What Communication has in Common with the Goldfish


USC Annenberg

Goldfish swimming around in their bowls.

They have no conception of the water. It’s just there. But when do they notice it? When all of the sudden it is not there! Or when it has gone bad.

Communication as the basis of corporate and organizational culture

Communication is like water for the goldfish. For corporations to small business, from government to nonprofits, from education to the arts, it is the very basis of organizational life, but we notice it only when it is not there. Or when it has gone bad–sometimes very, very bad.

The modern workplace is increasingly driven by data analytics, which makes targeting and delivering your message more important than ever. An online Master of Communication Management degree from USC can help you gain the skills to connect with an audience more effectively and with greater authority.

USC’s applied approach to real-world business strategy includes an enhanced focus on audience analysis and consumer behavior, preparing you for leadership roles in advertising, public relations, market research, sales and more.

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