What are the Top Goals for PR People in 2018?


D S Simon Media CEO authored an article on Forbes.com. Check out the article, video and full post for the answers as well as additional insights from top communicators.

Check out the article here

D S Simon Media recently completed an e-mail survey to senior communicators at brands, non-profits and agencies to determine their communications via e-mail. We received 105 responses. Those answers were featured in an article on Forbes.com. While connecting communications goals to business results is a top priority, we looked deeper to see the specific goals that were popular among top communicators.

A highlight was the specific feedback we received from respondents. Here’s the topline results offering the percentage of communicators establishing the following as a goal for 2018.

  • Create awareness for your campaigns and initiatives (79%)
  • Turn your leaders and experts into influencers (76%)
  • Connect one-on-one with KOLs, prospects, partners and media (52%)
  • Win the competition for attention at trade shows (22%)

We organized the additional quotes by the relevant goals below:


Goal #1: Creating Awareness for Campaigns and Initiatives

“Our clients are looking to make an impact in the changing media landscape, which is no longer as cut and dry as it once was. There is a lot more nuance and we need to come up with invigorating communications programs that tap into the media, influencers and consumers.”
Patricia Rappaport, Executive Vice, President Bratskier & Company

“Many of our clients are interested in ways they can drive additional traffic to their websites, especially given the increase of e-commerce versus brick and mortar transactions.
Amy Stern, Senior Vice President, 3E Public Relations

“The goal always is to tell our clients’ unique stories through all channels, to drive awareness and value, and ultimately sales.”
Melanie Webber, Principal mWebb Communications

“We are working to create and foster brand advocacy. To do this, we have to push our work to break though and earn our share of voice in meaningful and engaging ways so that prospects, influencers and media not only pay attention to the brand, but come along for the ride.”
Eileen Ziesmer, Senior Vice President of MSL’s Chicago Office


Goal #2: Turning Your Leaders into Influencers

TBG clients’ interests are always front and center. Creating their sphere of influence in the marketplace is always a priority.”
Laura Baddish, CEO & Founder, The Baddish Group

“My goal is to make sure clients are not only represented authentically, but as experts in their respective industries. This makes them reliable, personable and trustworthy, which is a major factor in brand loyalty and creating sales.”
Brittney Bogues: CEO & Founder, All In PR

“Some of the most successful client initiatives are those that look beyond the company itself. What is going along in the client’s industry and how can the client, along with partners, investors and other companies have had a broad impact as a collective group.”
Tim Turpin, Executive Director, Spark PR

“More than ever, leadership with proven results and credibility reign supreme for PR goals for clients into the New Year. We are facing an unprecedented time for the way in which media covers news and is perceived itself. Clients need to be actual experts and have a unique point of view to garner interest from the media.”
Elizabeth Yekhtikian, Vice President, Media Strategy, Ink House Media + Marketing


Goal #3: Connecting One on One with KOLs, Prospects and Partners

“Since things are unpredictable and changing very quickly, the true partners who understand us are very important. They know who we are and what we can contribute no matter how the environment changes. True relationships with people and one-on-one communications will more important in Japan in 2018. My hope is that people’s relationships overcomes and breaks boarders, which have been created globally or is based on religion.”
Natsuko Mochizuki, CEO & Managing Director, Moonlight Wave Corporation

“We give our clients exposure to all of their key stakeholders and that often includes a mix of B2B, B2C and speaking opportunities to position them as thought leaders and draw attention to their varied goals.”
Genna Rosenberg, Principal, GennComm

“Our clients tend to be non-profits, government agencies, etc., so building productive relationships is a critical goal for 2018.”
Judy Whittsley, Executive Vice President, Susan David International


Goal #4: Win the Competition at Trade Shows

“Trade shows provide a unique opportunity to efficiently get your message out to all your key media and influencers – but if you can’t communicate effectively and creatively stand out from the crowd, the value of attending a trade show is moot. Cutting through the clutter requires a clear strategy with an organized, systematic approach planned months in advance. Particularly, the media and influencer work done in the weeks leading up to a trade show has as great bearing on ROI as what you do during the event.”
Ivan Ristic, President and co-founder, Diffusion

“It’s important to win the competition for attention at trade shows in order to position your brand as a trend setter or industry leader. Clearly identify your goals in advance of the show. Have visuals available either as live demos or pre-produced video and plan for how you can extend the value after the show ends.”
Eric Wright, Executive Vice President, D S Simon Media

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