What Ad Networks Work Best For Mobile App Marketers?


David Milberg,  NY-based Entrepreneur

A recently completed study by an Israeli based company – Mobbo – has uncovered interesting findings on what work best for mobile app marketers. Mobbo analyzed many different components, with the intent, according to their news release of offering “app publishers and marketers insightful benchmarks of mobile app SDK components, helping them to make informed decisions about the best technology stacks.”

Rhonda Adams, Entrepreneur

Rhonda Adams, Entrepreneur

A few key findings from the latest edition of the research include:

  • 78% of “Top Overall” ranked apps on Android and 55% on iOS, have implemented at least one In App Advertising SDK, which seems to become a must-have component of any mobile app monetization stack.
  • Android apps are more aggressive with ads, 63.4% of Android apps (non-games) contain ads, versus 25.4% on iOS, over X2.5 difference.
  • Google Continues to dominate: Admob (by Google) maintains its position as the top in app advertising SDK in Q4 2016 and dominates with 83% Share Of Voice on Android, and 78% share, on iOS globally, followed by Chartboost with 25% and 35%, and Facebook with 24% and 6.5%, respectively.
  • Chartboost and Applovin Scale on gaming apps, While Admob share is slowly declining in that category.
  • Facebook scales in non-game mobile Apps second only to Admob by Google, and is likely to become a serious rival, with an impressive growth rate.
  • Cheetah Mobile leads the Growth rate chart with a whopping 122.72% Growth during Q4, delivering unrivaled scale and impressive retention on Android, followed by Avocarrot with 81.96% and Supersonic (by Ironsource) with 79.45%.

Entrepreneur Rhonda Adams noted that, “Given the ever changing nature – and importance – of mobile apps, a key reality is that measurement and effectiveness is increasingly important. It’s a very crowded marketplace and any index which helps providers better understand their value is vital for success.”

Mobbo measures the mobile world and offers powerful data driven market research tools, providing insights to help publishers, investors, marketers and analysts across the world make more informed decisions, and succeed in the global app economy.


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