What A Difference A Day Makes: Iowa Caucus


Todd Murphy Vice President Universal Information Services news monitoring and PR measurementBy Todd Murphy, Vice President, Universal Information Services

Well the dust has settled on the Iowa Caucus for 2016 and the candidates have left the state. As our attention turns to New Hampshire, a quick review of who won, who tied, and how the media exposure may or may not influenced any of this.

As a news monitoring and measurement service, the most interesting statistic we pulled from the last 24 hours, when compared to the 24 hours prior to the Iowa Caucus, was that Ted Cruz is now leading the Share of Voice battle. In other words, prior to the Iowa Caucus, Trump was gaining more media attention than Ted Cruz. That has changed with Cruz’s victory in Iowa. Although behind Donald Trump, Marco Rubio is now within striking distance in terms of media attention.

Share of Voice Republicans Iowa Caucus

Feb 1-2, 2016 US Media Exposure

Final Republican Caucus % of Delegates by Candidate

  1. Ted Cruz, 27.7%
  2. Donald Trump, 24.3%
  3. Marco Rubio, 23.1%
  4. and the rest with less than 10% each

How did the democrats fair last night?

  1. Hillary Clinton, 49.9%
  2. Bernie Sanders, 49.6%
  3. Martin O’malley, left the race with less than 1%

And just for fun we thought we might look at the last 24 hours to see how the top two contenders, from each party, compared in terms of garnering media attention.

Cruz Trump Clinton Sanders Media Exposure


Stepping outside our sound media measurement methodologies, we can only see that the top four contenders have much work ahead of them if they want to win the battle for media mentions.

Hopefully New Hampshire will be able to enlighten us further, but if you have thoughts on how the media is covering the candidates since the Iowa Caucus of 2016, please let me know. Measuring responses is part of what we do.

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  1. Chris on at 6:33 PM

    If you consider that the Iowa Caucus ended with Hillary beating Bernie with only 2 delegates, and needed to win 6 out of 6 coin flips in order to do so, Hillary should really not have been deemed the “winner”. Not to mention all the other funny business reported around the tail-end of the event. All this has proven is how insecure Hillary is feeling right now.

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