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In the last ten years we have seen some remarkable changes brought about by the Internet. The connected society envisioned by The Cluetrain Manifesto has come into being – markets are indeed conversations.  Brands have come to realize that people of all ages fully expect them to be active online and to interact and communicate with them there.  Digital PR is a reality.

This new media world has had a dramatic affect on traditional media.  In North America media outlets report that two-thirds of their audience access their news online. As a result some well-known media names no longer appear in print. The job of a journalist is a not even close to what it was a few years ago. 

That means that our jobs as PR people have changed too.  Our job is to communicate about our company to the various audiences and stakeholders.  We do that best when we use the media and communication channels that are most familiar to them. Remember those 7C’s of communication?  “Use established channels of communication—channels the receiver uses and respects.”

Those channels are now online – sites like Yahoo News, CNN.com, MSNBC.com, Blogs, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

This channel is all about the trends and technology that are changing the way we connect and communicate, find and share information. I hope it will be useful as you integrate more digital activities into your PR programs. 

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