Welcome to the Age of Agile Engagement!

In today’s evolved earned media landscape, communications strategies must be both proactive & reactive – in one word, agile. By being tuned into, and participating in, the always-on conversations surrounding your brand, you can build more meaningful relationships with your target audiences.  The Agile Engagement channel brings you a host of tips and best practices to help you successfully navigate these communications waters.

The advent of social media has given rise to an always-on stream of information – information about your brand, from members of your target audience. What does this mean for communicators? Well, it means that you now have the ability to participate in ongoing conversations with your audiences – and to react to the needs of your audiences accordingly. By listening to what’s being said, you can more effectively target and engage with your audiences – with greater immediacy and relevancy.  And there you have it, agile engagement at work!   We hope you find the information contained within this channel both helpful and insightful.