Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013: Dropbox Worth $8 Billion?; JPMorgan Chase Twitter Chat–Hashtag Gone Wild; Passion Conversations & Your Brand

 Wednesday, November 20, 2013




Hashtag Gone Wild: How JPMorgan Chase’s Twitter Chat Went Awry #ASKJPM
By Sandra Fathi, President, Affect
Recently, JPMorgan Chase (@jpmorgan) had to shut down a Twitter chat using the ill-fated hashtag #AskJPM. No, not because no one asked good questions (or the radio silence that most PR people fear), but instead, because the questions asked of James B. Lee Jr., vice chairman and top deal maker, were hostile …

Media Consumption in 2013: The Risks of Ignoring Mobile
By Simon Ogus, Media Relations Specialist, Business Wire
The sight is so common now; it doesn’t even register with us anymore.You see someone with a few minutes to kill, whether it be waiting for a bus or an appointment, and inevitably the smartphone comes out and the individual is immediately engaged with the apps and web that are so easily accessible. This is media consumption in 2013 and there is no going back.With web …

It’s Not Always the Large Marketing Budgets That Get the Best Return
By Rob Gelphman,VP of Marketing and Member Relations for the Multimedia over Coax Alliance
While every marketer aspires to a large budget, in reality every budget is fixed no matter how big or successful is the company. Personally, I have never been the recipient of “budget is no object” guideline.However, especially if a startup …

Why Tools Just Aren’t Enough
By Michael Bryars, Senior Vice President & General Manager, evolve24
Over the past few years, social media tools have become an integral component of most marketing departments. There are now a countless number of social media tools available in the market that allow marketers to manage, measure and monitor their social media initiatives. But the phrase I hear most often from prospective clients when I ask them how effective their tools are …




The Power of Passion Conversations Around a Brand
For the Digital PR Channel
Geno Church of Brains on Fire is one of the authors of The Passion Conversation. He spoke at the PRSA conference in Philadelphia in October on the power of passion conversations and how they impact a brand.With more and more brands looking to build strong relationships with their community and successfully launch products to that community, it’s becoming increasingly …

Media Evaluation from the Eyes of a CIPR PRIME Research Fellow
By Bart Misiak, 2013 CIPR PRIME Research Fellowship Winner: For the PR ROI Channel
Having spent three weeks at PRIME, I have gained a new appreciation and understanding for applied …

How H&R Block Caters Their Social Media Strategy To Their Client’s Needs
For the Strategic Video Communications Channel
Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, talks with Scott Gulbransen, Director of Social Business Strategy for H&R Block about social media engagement at the PR News Digital PR Summit. “A lot of the time …

3 Devices for Navigating the Waters of Reputational Repair
For the Agile Engagement Channel
The rise of social media and mobile devices has empowered consumers with 24/7 access to the latest news and speeding delivery of information, and crises can quickly snowball. PR Newswire’s webinar today, “Navigating the Waters of Reputational Repair: The Steps to Effective Crisis Communications Planning,” will discuss proactive measures that communicators can take to ensure …




Expert Webinar: The IPO Process and Avoiding the Pitfalls – November 20
Going public is the endgame for many emerging companies but it’s not an easy path. We’ve brought together experts to speak on steps to success. The months-long process starts with retaining a law firm to engage in the tedious process of assembling the detailed public disclosures needed in the Initial Public …

Protecting Your Company from Fraud: How to Safeguard Your Data, Revenue and Bottom Line
When you’re “In the Office” with Daniel W. Draz, M.S., CFE of Fraud Solutions, the world is filled with fraud, shady characters and nefarious activity…24/7. Draz gets to the heart of who’s targeting your organizations, what they’re after, how they’ll try to get it and what the potential impact will be.Pull up a chair and listen as …





Customers, Not Technology, Top Forrester’s Asia Pacific Technology Predictions in 2014
BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The most critical overarching trend for the Asia Pacific technology market in 2014 will be the strengthening of the “age of the customer”, according to a new Asia Pacific technology predictions 2014 report by Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR). “Keeping up with disruptive technology innovation powered by social, mobile, analytics, and cloud enablement is critical, but success in the age of the customer is about more than technology,” writes Dane Anderson, Vice President, Research Director, Region Manager for Asia Pacific, Forrester Research. “It hinges on organizations shifting their cultures, organizational structures, and mindsets to win in this new era.”


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Meet The 24-Year-Old Professional Tennis Player Running A $115 Million Hedge Fund
Business Insider
Sam Barnett is the 24-year-old founder and CEO of SBB Research Group – a Chicago-area quantitative hedge fund that currently has $115 million under management. He started his fund while studying applied mathematics at California Institute of Technology. SBB Research Group currently employs 14 people and Barnett told us that they’re actively recruiting talented engineers to join their team.

Australian Man ‘Invented the Selfie After Drunken Night Out’
Telegraph UK
Australia has proudly laid claim to inventing the term “selfie” – named 2013 word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries – after its first known use was revealed to be by an Australian describing a photograph taken while drunk at a 21st birthday party. The dictionary editors said “selfie” – which refers to a self-portrait photograph – was first used in September 2002 to describe a photograph in a forum posting on the website of ABC, the public broadcaster. “Um, drunk at a mates 21st, I tripped ofer [sic] and landed lip first (with front teeth coming a very close second) on a set of steps,” said the posting.

Nobody Panic, But Vancouver Has Banned Door Knobs
We don’t have much time. Are you in Vancouver, in a room? Is the door closed? Okay. Now is there a door knob or a lever on that closed door? Don’t panic but if you’re in that room come March, you will have no way out if there’s a door knob on that door. Fine, not really, but the city has banned door knobs in favor of levers and push pads, so in the future a lever will be your only way out. How in the what and the who in the huh – how can a city get rid of an entire design? Vancouver can and did. And since it’s the only city in Canada with its own building code, that sets it up as a sort of arbiter of taste for the rest of British Columbia.




Is Dropbox Worth $8 Billion? Tech Valuations Hit Nosebleed Levels
The Los Angeles Times
Valuations being given to the most promising of the latest crop of Internet companies just keep going up and up as investors open their wallets ever wider. Dropbox, which has already raised hundreds of millions, plans to raise even more: $250 million more to be precise, at a nosebleed valuation of $8 billion, according to published reports. For those keeping track, that’s more than double its last funding round that valued the company at $4 billion. And bear this in mind: tech financiers are willing to throw that kind of cash and that kind of valuation at the 5-year-old online storage service even though its revenue growth is slowing down.

OECD Warns of U.S. Threat to Global Recovery
The Wall Street Journal
The uncertain future of U.S. fiscal and central bank policies poses a growing risk to a global economic recovery that has already been weakened by a slowdown in growth in many developing countries, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said Tuesday. In its twice-yearly Economic Outlook, the Paris-based research body said the U.S. debt ceiling should be abolished, and replaced by “a credible long-term…




FiftyThree, Maker Of Creativity App Paper, Gets Into Hardware With Launch Of Its ‘Pencil’ Stylus
FiftyThree, the company behind the wildly popular iPad creativity app Paper, is making its first foray into hardware with the launch of a new stylus it’s creatively named “Pencil.” For those who know FiftyThree mostly for its iPad app, it might seem a little surprising that the company would want to sell hardware. After all, the company has seen more than 100 million pages created in Paper. And after receiving Apple’s App Of The Year Award and the Apple Design Award (not to mention a Crunchie), you’d think it would continue improving its software offerings. But FiftyThree has said that it wanted to develop new products, many of its early team had come out of Microsoft’s hardware division.

Meet the “Digital Trendies”
Momentum Review
Using its syndicated European study, Kantar Media TGI has noted the emergence of a new digital consumer that it has named the “Digital Trendy”. This important group shares certain characteristics across France, Germany and Great Britain: They are younger consumers and likely to be male across all markets. The UK has the largest proportion of Digital Trendies, at 22%, while the group is slightly smaller in France and Germany, at 18%. The study examines different aspects of Digital Trendy behaviour in the three markets.




Story Makers Will Write the Future
The Holmes Report
It’s not often we get to think about the future; in fact life can be so hectic I sometimes think it a miracle I manage to get food in the fridge! So what a treat to be asked to attend the Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity in Singapore. Want to escape rainy London and family responsibilities for a few days to be inspired and meet the next generation of marketers? Sign me up!




Where Advertising Will Go Next
Esquire Magazine
Anyone who’s ever failed to close a pop-up knows that advertising today is more about interruption and intrusion than compelling narratives or a good laugh. We don’t add value. If anything, we often take it away. But all that’s going to change. Because it has to. Because it’s harder than ever to hold anyone’s attention for longer than a split second. Because mergers across our industry…

The Worst Practice in Advertising is Far Too Common (And Expensive)
Pando Daily
Brands have become increasingly persistent about the ways in which they follow individual consumers around the Web. When I look at a pair of shoes online on a Saturday but don’t buy them, chances are good that I will see those very same shoes pop up in ad banners on unrelated websites by Monday. On Tuesday, they’ll be in the ad feed of my favorite social networking site and Wednesday I might find a discount coupon in my email inbox to buy the shoes at a reduced price. By Thursday, I could feel like cornered prey, with those shoes popping up everywhere I turn online.




The Russians Are Coming! Russia’s Internet Giant Mail.Ru Sets Up Shop in America
Venture Beat
Russia is not enough for Mail.Ru. The Russian Internet giant made its first foray into the U.S. market today by launching My.Com, its new American subsidiary.’s platform powers the mobile e-mail app myMail, a messaging app called myChat, and a gaming app called myGames.

Carriers Reject a ‘Kill Switch’ For Preventing Cellphone Theft
The New York Times
Lawmakers in San Francisco and New York are pushing cellphone makers to adopt a so-called kill switch that would allow users to deactivate their phone remotely, discouraging criminals from stealing phones. But the cellphone carriers are not on board. San Francisco’s district attorney…




How to Foster a Culture of Contribution: Communities Take Investment and Engagement, Not Just Content
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Walmart and JPMorgan: Tales From The Trenches
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Pinterest: Marketers’ Social Media BFF
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Content Marketing’s Leadership Problem and the Need for More “Guts”
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