Wednesday, March 5, 2014: Social Media for News Discovery; Surviving SXSW; First Jobs of Top CEOs; Viva Bitcoin Vegas; Chanel’s Supermarket Chic

 Wednesday, March 05, 2014




Is “Like” Now One of Those Four-letter Words?
By Robert/Bob Noltenmeier, Clinical Assistant Professor, New York University Master’s Degree Program in Public Relations and Corporate Communication
Has “like,” like, become a four-letter word like those other notorious four-letter words? Dare we write them here? Do you know the seven words that ethically you’re never to say on television or radio? Given the current state of comedy, some cable shows and social media, that’s probably now down to none.

Social Media is a Link in the Chain for News Discovery
By Fred Godlash, Marketing Specialist, Business Wire
Questioning the social media influence of what people choose to read in the news has become a topic of much recent discussion. Surveys show people will list numerous methods they use to consume media, including social networks, and considering how many options there are to read the news, it is no surprise why this topic of influence is still a mystery.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
By Constantin Opris, Senor Photo Editor,
One would have expected that the winning image of the World Press Photo Contest would be an image taken during a protest or a war that are increasingly prevalent. Strong visual impact images with hard-to-look-at subjects pop up on a daily basis in the news. But this was not the case, the winning image is iconic, timeless and urges the viewer to think about it.

10 Things the Zombie Apocalypse Can Teach Your Company About Surviving SXSW
By Jennifer L. Jacobson, Founder, Jacobson Communication
With shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead back on the air, zombies are hot nowadays. So why not prepare for this year’s SXSW in style? Whether you’re a first time attendee, or a veteran event representative, there’s a lot that the Zombie Apocalypse can teach us all about making the most of this epic event.

BUSINESS WIRE GUIDANCE REPORT: A Guide to Press Release Optimization (Download)
By Fred Godlash, Marketing Specialist, Business Wire
Standards for optimizing a press release are always changing as social media, mobile behavior and search engine algorithms evolve. In this SEO Guidance Report, we show you technical tips to properly optimize a press release while writing for human consumption.




How Investors Consume Content Q#1: For the Stocks You Currently Own, How Often Do You Visit Their Investor Relations Websites?
For The Agile Engagement Channel
When we first asked this question months ago, the survey results were a little disheartening ‚Äì especially from a classic shareholder communications perspective. “Once a quarter” and “never” were tied for first place.

Earn More Subscribers with These List-Building Strategies
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
These tactics will help build a solid framework for growing subscriber numbers! 1. Highlight “What’s in it for me?” The easiest way to build a subscriber list is to tell people what’s in it for them. Give them clear, unmistakable value up front and people will sign up. Provide content, discounts or deals subscribers can’t find anywhere else. Continue to provide this valuable content …




Financial Services Social Business Leadership Forum
Live Event: Boston, MA -Thursday, March 6th
Financial Institutions are changing how they do business as technology continues to impact the way financial services companies communicate and collaborate with customers, employees, recruits, agents, advisers, partners, media, and the public. As leading financial institutions are embracing …

Rebuilding Trust After a Crisis
Free Google+ Hangout On-Air: On-Demand Video & Presentation
No matter where you look today, another “big” brand is falling victim to crisis, which is only amplified by today’s global connectivity. Whether it’s Target and its latest consumer data breech, Paula Deen’s brand under attack for failing to have a cohesive crisis communications strategyin place, Toyota announcing another recall or General Mills’ making a controversial decision to go GMO-Free …



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The Surprising First Jobs of 10 Famous CEOs
Fast Company
Think all CEOs lived silver-spoon lives on their wau to the corner office? Think again. From paper boys to osyster shuckers, these A-listers started somewhere: the bottom.

Registration Opens for Warren Buffett’s $1 Billion Bracket Challenge
NBC Sports
According to the Los Angeles Times, Buffett’s bracket challenge – run by Quicken Loans through Yahoo Sports – is now open for registration and if you finish with a perfect bracket, you’ll receive $1 billion dollars as a prize.

Twitter’s New Office Has Log Cabins from the 1800s for Lunchrooms
There’s a big westward expansion component to corporate lunch, don’t you think? You pack provisions, pull together some money to get help, or scrounge in the wilds of the kitchen for any yogurt or packet of pretzels that you can steal without raising suspicion.

Explore Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment on Oculus Rift
The Verge
Seinfeld might not be on TV anymore, but it is on Oculus Rift. Jerry’s Place VR lets you use the virtual reality headset to explore the iconic apartment from the show and… well, that’s about it




Facebook to Buy Drone Company Titan Aerospace for $60 Million
The next step on Facebook’s path to Internet-connecting the entire globe is a high-tech one: buying up drones. Facebook is slated to buy New Mexico-based drone maker Titan Aerospace for about $60 million, a source confirmed to CNBC on Tuesday. The blog TechCrunch first reported the news of a possible Facebook-Titan deal.

Google, Apple, And Facebook’s Biggest Acquisitions Over The Last 15 Years
Fast Company
On the heels of Facebook’s $19 Billion purchase of Whatsapp, an interactive visualization compares the acquisition strategies of Google, Facebook, AOL, Yahoo, and Apple.

Apple’s New Finance Steward Maestri Takes Over $160 Billion Cash Haul
Apple Inc’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer will retire and hand the reins to Luca Maestri in September, entrusting to the Italian-born executive a cash pile the size of Vietnam’s economy and the difficult task of guiding Wall Street’s expectations.

Radio Shack to Close 1,100 Stores Nationwide: Can Super Bowl Message Save the Brand?
Radio Shack is planning to close nearly one in four of its stores nationwide after revealing a huge fourth quarter loss for the company. However, the company’s chief executive officer pointed to its popular 2014 Super Bowl ad as a good sign it can recover.

Viva Bitcoin Vegas?
CNN Money
The concept of special economic zones to assist the development of a new industry is common worldwide. So why isn’t there one yet for Bitcoin?




Car Brands Missing Out by Not Using Social Media as Sales Tool
Marketing Week
Car marques are missing out on sales by using social media as an engagement and awareness tool as opposed to a direct selling tool, according to a report by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council.

Chanel’s Supermarket Chic
New York Times
Paris – Not since Marie Antoinette played milk maid on her farm at Versailles has there been such a conjunction of high and low. But this time the milk – like everything else in the supermarket – was marked with the double C’s of Chanel.

P&G Studies ‘Pee Points’ to Maintain Edge in Diaper Wars
The cheerful, teal room packed with babies and watchful grownups could be a daycare center anywhere in America — except for the lab-coated researchers sticking plastic tubes into toddlers’ diapers.




5 Tips To Fix Your Broken Communication And Build Trust
Fast Company
Leadership is facing a crisis–trust is at an all-time low in workplaces across this country. According to Edelman’s Trust Barometer for 2013, 82% of people don’t trust business leaders to tell the truth, and Gallup continues to report 70% of employees are disengaged at work.

GM’s PR ‘Savvy’ – In Rare Move, CEO says She’s Directing Recall
USA Today
General Motors CEO Mary Barra says she’s personally directing the recall of 1.37 million GM cars with a potentially fatal flaw in their ignition switches – one GM has known about since 2004 but kept using at least until late 2006.




Apple Seemingly Turns to Tumblr to Promote the iPhone 5c
9TO5Mac: Apple Intelligence
Apple appears to have taken to Tumblr to start up a new advertising campaign for the iPhone 5c. The campaign is called “Every color has a story,” and the webpage called “ISee5c” appeared within the past couple of days.

Martini’s Glass Half Full Of Programmatic
Martini, an online ad network with a focus on reaching affluent audiences, on Tuesday announced that nearly 40% of its revenue in Q4 2013 was driven by programmatic advertising.

FCC Levels $1.9 Million EAS Fine Against NBCU, ESPN and Viacom
TV Technology
The Federal Communications Commission this week proposed fines against Viacom, ESPN, and NBCUniversal for repeatedly transmitting an advertisement that misuses the warning sounds of the nationwide Emergency Alert System. This is the largest fine, to date, for misure of warning sounds.

Yahoo Tests App Install Ads In Hopes of Jump Starting Mobile Business
Ad Age Digital Next
Yahoo hopes to jump-start its mobile ad business the same way Facebook did. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based portal has begun testing new mobile ads that people can click on to install an app on their smartphone or tablet.




Skype Rolls Out to Users Worldwide
Users of around the world can now tap into Skype without having to leave their inbox. Skype integration with is now available worldwide, according to a blog posted Tuesday by Skype marketing executive Karen Tong. The expanded rollout follows a limited release for users in the US, UK, Germany, and other countries last year.

Verizon in Talks with Content Providers for Online Video Service
Verizon Communications is in talks with content providers to deliver web-based TV services to mobile platforms, chief executive Lowell McAdam, said at an investor conference on Tuesday.




Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Welcome To The Disruption Revolution
Brian Solis

The Art of Keeping Media Happy at Events
Full Circle PR

How Do I Change the Name of My Facebook Page?
Amy Porterfield

Beats Music Acquires Topspin Media to Boost Musicians’ Sales and Marketing

Leaving Beltway Journalism, Revealing Its Shortcomings
FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

Rubicon Updates S-1 With Q4 Results, VivaKi Spend Data
Ad Exchanger