Wednesday, June 4, 2014: Got Your 17lb RH Catalogue Yet? Institutional Investor Mobile Usage Survey. Is Your Ad Agency Doomed? London Calling Techies. Huge Gender Wage Gap in Retail.

 Wednesday, June 04, 2014




The Future Of Advertising Agencies Not Looking Good
By Tim Schlick, Founder & Managing Partner, Schlick & Co
Editor’s Note: Continuing our series on the future of advertising, marketing and PR in the 21st Century, we hear today from Tim Schlick, a Hong Kong based strategy advisor, who argues advertising agencies face a bleak future unless they implement radical changes to the way they do business. Googling the term “Future of Advertising” returns a whopping 300,000 results.

PR Pros, Journalists Tackle Latest AP Stylebook
By Luke O’Neill, Editor, Business Wire
Earlier this year, The Associated Press style editors created quite a disturbance in the journalistic Force when they announced changes to their stylebook. AP style purists, myself included, were aghast. The word “over” is now acceptable in all cases to indicate greater numerical value. Previously, the words “more than” were the preferred term. So you can now write: Salaries went up over $20 a week …

Tricky Question #5: Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?
The Hiring Hub…By Marie Raperto
Even I’ve been known to ask this question. In today’s world, no one really knows where they will be in one year, let alone five years. What an interviewer wants to hear is an answer that shows you are thinking about how your skills will work within the company over the long-term. They don’t want to hear that it’s a stepping-stone for you. Interviewers also want to make sure that you really want the job …

Men and Women Building Their Businesses Together
By Leslie Grossman, Author, LINK OUT: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections (Wiley), Chair, Vistage International
I recently launched my chief executive group for Vistage International. If you don’t know Vistage, it’s the largest CEO organization in the world with 17,000 members. I was selected to chair new groups in New York City, and while it took considerable effort to put together my first group of men and women chief …

Benefits and Risks of Social Media for Financial Disclosure
Financial communications have changed a great deal since the dawn of the commercial internet. And we’re not done yet. In this research report, we review the history of financial disclosure, assess the risks associated with disclosure via today’s social channels, and discuss the wide range of ways today’s financial …

NIRI Conference 2014 Sneak Peek: Social Media Monitoring and its Role in Investor Relations
By Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social and Evolving Media, Business Wire
Next week, investor relations professionals from around the world will be meeting in Las Vegas, attending the National Investor Relations Institute’s Annual Conference. As a long time member and local chapter BOD participant, I am especially excited to go. This year, I am part of a panel tackling social media …




Mobile Usage by the Institutional Investor – 2014 Mobile Survey
For the Mobile IR and Comms Channel
In an effort to understand how the investment community is conforming to the rapid expansion of mobile phones and tablets, theIRapp® conducted its second annual institutional investor survey. Our findings reveal that the investment community is no different than any other industry and is taking advantage of …

PR Education: A Simple Adjustment or a Complete Overhaul?
For the NYU-SCPS Strategic Communication, Marketing, and Media Management (SCM3) Thought Leadership Channel
Two perpetual PR issues are can you teach it and do you need a degree in it? Many PR “professionals” entered the field indirectly, even serendipitously. With the rise of digital media, however, that’s harder to do. To use digital effectively–and to balance it with traditional media–is becoming an art and a science.




7 Disturbing News Media Trends & How You Can Combat Them
Free Google+ Hangout On-Air: Join Us Today!
The television news media continue to go from bad to worse. New disturbing trends have a huge impact on public relations, your media interactions, and the reputation and revenues of your employer. How do you do you combat these disturbing trends? How best to monitor and measure their impact on your media campaign?

The 2014 Loyalty Social Survey: Connecting Emotion and Sentiment to Brand Loyalty
Free Webinar: Thursday, June 19
Perception is reality in today’s hyper-connected culture where consumers can (and do!) say anything online about their brand experiences. Those consumer-to-consumer interactions represent an unprecedented opportunity for tapping into “social intelligence,” a vast and largely under-utilized category of “big data” …



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The 22 Most Important Things Apple Announced at WWDC 2014
The Verge
From QuickType to Continuity, this is Apple’s future.

Everyword, The Twitter Feed Of Every Single Word, Is Shutting Down
The Wall Street Journal
@Everyword, a Twitter feed that has been tweeting every word in the English language since 2007, will end its run in the early morning hours of June 7. Adam Parrish, the creator of the feed which relies on a lexicon of American English he found on the Internet, declined to reveal Everyword’s last word, even though its likely to be tweeted while most of the feed’s followers are catching some Zs.

$40.8 Billion Wage Gap Found Between Male And Female Retail Workers
Female retail workers get paid, on average, four dollars less every hour than their male coworkers. This wage disparity amounts to $40.8 billion dollars a year in lost earnings.

For Vodafone, It’s London Calling Over California Dreamin’
The Wall Street Journal
The U.K. mobile telecommunications giant on Tuesday said it is closing its main technology research facility in Silicon Valley, moving current staff to its innovation HQ in London. The move reverses a long-standing trend that sees British and European technology talent head to California’s fertile tech grounds to grow and prosper.

The ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Lawsuit Has Been Filed, And It Is Insane
Hollywood Reporter
Using the “Led Zeppelin IV” typeface, and including a claim for the “Falsification of Rock N’ Roll History,” the heirs of songwriter Randy Craig Wolfe have finally lodged a copyright infringement lawsuit against Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and other Led Zeppelin parties over the 1971 song “Stairway to Heaven.”




AST To Acquire Proxy Solicitation Firm DF King
IR Magazine
The deal is being driven by growing needs of issuers amid accelerating regulatory changes, investor activism and share migration

Unease Mounts Over New Rules For Angel Investing
The Information
The booming business of angel investing is about to get more complicated.

Canada’s Rogers Communications And Vodafone Team Up, But What Does Mean?
Financial Post
The two companies announced Tuesday they have struck a “partner marketing agreement” involving wireless roaming services as well as other products. It’s familiar ground for Rogers CEO Guy Laurence. He was CEO of Vodafone UK prior to taking the top job at Rogers. Under the non-equity deal, Rogers becomes Vodafone’s “exclusive partner” in Canada and the partners will offer customers 4G roaming services and other unspecified products. They will also explore potential new sources of revenue, also unspecified.

Americans Bought A Lot Of New Cars In May Despite Recalls
Time Magazine
General Motors, Chrysler Group and Nissan Motor Co surprised industry analysts with a spike in new car sale, signaling a surge in consumer confidence for big ticket purchases.




That Thud on Your Doorstep? Restoration Hardware’s 17-Pound Catalog
RH declined to share the number of catalogs it mailed. The company did want to remind us that we used to receive its catalogs much more frequently. Its 2013 annual report states that RH’s advertising costs were $83 million, much of that spent on its catalogs. RH’s capitalized catalog costs were $49.3 million.

Panera Bread To Remove All Artificial Additives And Ingredients In Its Food By 2016
Daily Mail
The announcement comes at a time when Panera Bread Co. is facing slowing sales growth and working to jumpstart its business through a variety of means, such as revamping the sometimes confusing way people order and get food and switching baking hours to the daytime to create a homier feel in cafes.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Triples Conversion Rates (Study)
Venture Beat
Top online marketers achieve more than three times the conversion rates of the bottom third, according to a new digital marketing optimization study from Adobe.




Malaysian Airlines Eyes PR Support Ahead Of Potential Restructuring
The Holmes Report
Senior comms figures from the beleaguered carrier met PR firms in Singapore last week, with talks focusing on potential issues that are likely to arise from an overhaul. Last month, Malaysian Airlines reported its worst quarterly loss for more than two years. The ongoing disappearance of flight MH370, for which Ketchum has been providing crisis PR support, has also hurt passenger traffic, contributing to a decline of 50% in market value this year.

Want to Get the Most Out of Your PR Pro? Follow These 5 Tips.
To ensure you have the best experience possible and extract the most value from your newly minted partnership, here are five tips for optimizing your outsourced PR.

Offline PR Moves To Get Your Social Media Campaign Going
Business 2 Community
Attracting attention to your social media campaign online is fairly simple. Often, your audience congregates on one social website or another. If you have a niche product you can look up where your intended audience hangs out and go talk to them.




The New Rules Of The Game for Growing Ad Revenue
Marketing Profs
If you’re a publisher, whether an ad-supported independent blog or a global media conglomerate, “growing ad revenue” is most likely at or near the top of your list of goals every year.

Comcast, Rubicon Project Partner for Programmatic Digital Display Ads Sales
Rubicon Project’s Advertising Automation Cloud will allow brands to bid in real time for display ad inventory on the cable giant’s two websites, gaining access to Comcast’s 20 million subscribers, starting today. The platform will allow for both an open exchange and a private exchange for select advertisers.

TV Academy Revamps Rule Book For Award Hopefuls
The changes reflect today’s fast-moving TV industry, and some would argue that the Primetime Emmy Awards need to be even further altered in the future.

More Staff Changes At Time Inc Publications, Including People
A broad restructuring at Time Inc. claimed hundreds of jobs earlier this year, but a Time Inc. executive described the cuts at People as “more strategic in nature.” Some of the job losses can be chalked up to new editorial leadership at the magazine, where Jess Cagle, former Entertainment Weekly managing editor, took the helm in January, according to another Time Inc. staffer.

Hostwriter Wants To Connect Journalists Around The World
The recently launched platform lets vetted journalists contact each other for world-wide collaboration opportunities.

BBC News Division To Cut 500 Jobs
Next month, the corporation is set to announce that it will cut between 475 and 500 jobs from its News division, with a further 75 to 85 going from its radio operation in the UK (as opposed to the World Service, which broadcasts globally).




Apple’s New iPhone Software Will Let You Make Calls Even If You Have Terrible Reception
Business Insider
Apple’s upcoming operating system for iPhones, iOS 8, will allow you to make calls over your WiFi connection. That means no matter how terrible your cell reception is, you can make crystal clear calls as long as you can connect to WiFi. In general, calls over WiFi are clearer and less likely to drop, which is a good thing if you live or work in an environment with poor reception.

HoverSkate: ‘It Makes Me Feel Like I am Flying Like Ironman’
An inventor’s mini-hoverboard with skateboard wheels may be as close to “Back to the Future” as we’ll ever get.

Instagram’s New Editing Features Could Make It Your Only Photo App
The Verge
Ten new tools to help tweak and perfect your photos




The Accidental Narcissist and The Future of Customer Engagement
Brian Solis

‘Premios Los Angeles’ announces winners of Golden Angel Award
Hispanic PR Blog

WWDC Recap: Apple Unveils OS X and iOS Updates

Even GOP Attention Can’t Make Media Care About Poor
FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

United Breaks Another Guitar and the Social Media Hype Cycle Comes Full Circle
Experience: The Blog: Social Experiences that Build Brands

FindingYour Content Mojo
Social Media Explorer