Wednesday, Dec 18, 2013: 2014 Branded Content Trends; Tips to Beat Holiday Stress; Google’s Top 10 U.S. Trending Events; 25 Most-Watched Food Videos of 2013

 Wednesday, December 18, 2013




Branded Content Trends in 2014
By Michael Winkleman, Leverage Media LLC
Branded content, in all its guises (content marketing, custom publishing, native advertising, among others) may finally have come of age in 2013, after years of growth and development. The mark of maturity is that it attracted the interest of the Federal Trade Commission, which organized a conference in December to help it decide whether it was time to develop some regulations to keep …

The Evolution of Social Marketing – What to Expect in 2014
By Patrice Francois, Co-Founder, Digimind
According to an August 2013 CMO Survey, social marketing is one of the only marketing tactics that has increased spending in the past year and is expecting a nearly 16 percent jump in the next five years. As you begin planning where to put that money for 2014, here are the top three areas we think will be big in 2014: All Hail King Content. Social content was a buzzword in 2013; in 2014, we’ll …

7 Signs You Need Social Media Intelligence
By Heather Bartel, Director of Marketing & Communications, evolve24
As marketers, we joke about the speed at which new tools and technology disrupt our daily workflow. As several 2014 Trends and Predictions lists are already pointing out (here, here and here), Social Media Intelligence is on the rise. This new level of digital media know-how is made possible thanks to technology and data scientists – folks with PhD’s in mathematics, statistics and …

How to Combat the Stress and Challenges of the Holidays Six Keys to Holiday Cheer
By Steven Gaffney, CEO & President, Steven Gaffney Company
Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the holidays. It’s a great season, but it can be stressful. Here are six tips to take the stress out of the holidays and help make the season a magical one:Your focus will determine your future. Have you ever noticed that if something bad happens and you focus on it, then more …




Drop the Mic: Even Beyoncé Uses Press Releases
By Shannon Ramlochan, PR Newswire: For the Agile Engagement Channel
Mega-superstar Beyoncé shocked millions of fans when she simultaneously announced and released her fifth studio album on iTunes over the weekend, just before midnight on December 12th. In a more surprising twist, each song on the self-titled record is accompanied by its own music video. With the help of an Instagram video and an official press release, the stunning …

Make Them Last! Increase Email Subscriber Lifetime Value
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
Did you know 56 percent of email subscribers opt out because the content isn’t relevant? (Marketing Sherpa) Media and publishing companies must send the right message to the right person at the right time in order to engage subscribers, and increase subscriber lifetime value. This means analyzing how your email campaigns support a healthy customer lifecycle, as well as reaching out …




Mr. Magazine™ Year-End Wrap-Up: A Review of the 2013 Consumer Magazine Launches
(TODAY) Free Webinar: Wednesday, December 18th
Join Mr. Magazine™ as he reviews the 2013 launches, highlights the trends, and sheds some light on the year to come in the magazine business. New magazine launches have been plentiful this year… in fact in the first 11 months alone there were 777 titles that appeared on the nation’s stands for the first time.

Optimizing the Technical Components of the Webinar Lifecycle
(TOMORROW) Free Webcast: Thursday, December 19th
The best content marketers don’t just create great webinar content- they also know how to market is seamlessly. Nis breaks down the webinar marketing process and highlights some of the secrets the “pros” use.



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Artificial Sweeteners Found In River Water And Drinking Supplies
The Los Angeles Times
New research adds to a growing body of evidence that people are spiking waterways and their drinking supplies with an array of compounds that pass through not just them, but even advanced treatment systems.

Google’s Top 10 Trending Events in the U.S. For 2013
Time Magazine
Not surprisingly, tragedies in Boston, Moore, Okla., Syria, and the Philippines dominate the list, in addition to ongoing coverage of the controversy in Syria and the Zimmerman trial verdict.

New Microsoft CEO Not Expected Until Early 2014
PC Magazine
In a blog post, board member John W. Thompson said that Microsoft initially identified more than 100 qualified CEO candidates, and spoke to several dozen. That list was whittled down to about 20 people, and has been reduced since.




Frontier Communications Corp. Shares Soare. Why?
Daily Finance
Shares of Frontier Communications Corp. jumped by more than 10% during intraday trading Tuesday after the company announced it has agreed to acquire AT&T’s wireline business and statewide fiber network in Connecticut for $2 billion in cash.

Herbalife Clean Audit Won’t Deter Ackman in Pyramid Claim
Shares of Herbalife rose to an all-time high Tuesday after the nutritional supplement company announced that a re-audit of more than three years of its financial results found no material changes to its prior financial statements.




Distorting Our Notion Of True Innovation? Did Beyonce Achieve This?
Washington Post
Are we fooled because they have so many fans and followers that whatever they do is magnified?

Just For The Fun of it: The 25 Most Watched Food Videos of 2013.
PC Magazine
Our in-house curmudgeon Gene Marbach is not going to sleep tonight.




Clients At Odds With Agencies Over Ideas And Quality
The Holmes Report
The client-agency divide extends to perceptions of the industry’s creative quality and big ideas, according to the new 2013 Creativity in PR study.




Facebook Launches Auto-Play Video Ads
Facebook notes that videos you see on mobile will have been downloaded in advance via a Wi-Fi connection – when available – so it won’t affect your data plans.

Investor Vows To Shake Up TheStreet Website
New York Post
Activist investor Spear Point, after failing to persuade The­Street to force Jim Cramer to write exclusively for the website, vowed Tuesday to continue the fight to shake up the company.




Former Microsoft Exec Picked to Fix
The Los Angeles Times
A former top Microsoft executive will assume the role of technical manager of the Goverment’s troubled health care website. Kurt DelBene, who retired earlier this week from his position as president of the Microsoft Office Division, succeeds Jeff Zients in leading the overhaul of, thus ushering in a representative from the private sector.




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