Wednesday, April 24, 2013

 Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Common Sense vs. Nonsense: What Thomas Paine Can Teach Us About Disclosure
By Cathy Baron Tamraz, Chairman and CEO, Business Wire
Herb Greenberg, the respected CNBC market commentator who first asked whether Netflix violated Reg FD with its use of social media, subsequently put the issue into its proper perspective: It’s all about “common sense.” Unfortunately, common sense seems to be in short supply these days, as attempts to …

Boston Bombing Coverage Mixed Reviews: Reporting Rumors
By Fred Bayles, Director of Boston University’s Statehouse Program
Twenty years at The Associated Press taught me that although getting it first was high on the list of journalistic accomplishments, getting it wrong was the absolute worst thing you could do. That sensible dogma has changed in frenzied world of media saturation. The downside of this shift was again on display during the week of the Boston bombing coverage.

Kmart’s ‘Ship My Pants’ Ad: Viral Genius or Epic Brand Fail?
By Paul Maccabee, President, Maccabee Public Relations
By every metric of our social media marketing age, Kmart’s 35-second spot, “Ship My Pants,” is a monster success -13.9 million views of the scatological sensation on YouTube, with 64,423 likes and 13,000 YouTube comments for an online spot that shows shoppers exulting that they can finally “ship” their pants.

What Can We Learn From The Banking Scandals?
By Laura Burke, Financial Services Sector Leader, Edelman
From Libor to money laundering and executive compensation, it is no surprise that trust in banks (and, the Financial Services industry at large) remains low. But, if you look more closely, many of the reputation challenges cannot be relegated to this industry alone. According to Edelman’s 2013 Trust Barometer showed, 63% of global respondents believe that the banking and financial services …

Investor Relations Leaders to Debate SEC’s Latest Ruling on Social Media for Financial Disclosure
On-Demand Event Available May 1st – Pre-Register Now
The recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval of expanded use of social media for the dissemination of corporate news has unleashed a high-level debate among publicly-held companies, financial industry influencers, and journalists over whether revealing earnings reports and other disclosures …



PR News’ Measurement Hall of Fame Inductees…
For the PR ROI Channel
PR News will induct six longtime leaders in metrics-based PR into its Measurement Hall of Fame in a special ceremony at the May 15, 2013, Measurement Conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. PR News’ Measurement Hall of Fame inductees, class of 2013, are:

Getting Inside the Heads of Green Consumers: Decoding Cone’s Green Gap Trend Tracker
By Liz Gorman, Senior Vice President, Cone Communications, for the Corporate Social Responsibility Channel
After 20 years of surveying consumers on their attitudes about brands and their expectations of how companies should behave, our team at Cone Communications has managed to compile some interesting insights.

How to Get the Best Employees & Polish Your Corporate Image (Free Webinar)
In The Green Room With The Hiring Hub’s Marie Raperto
This webinar will discuss adding and using virtual interviews to your recruiting tools. The pros and cons of these media will be discussed along with tips to maximize their effectiveness. This discussion will be helpful for both hiring managers and human resource professionals and will can offer insight …



Netflix Offers New Family Plan So You Pay Extra To Share Your Password
Cinema Blend
You guys remember the time when Netflix threatened jailtime for any subscribers sharing their passwords with people? Granted, it didn’t take off ‚Äì like, say, Prohibition did ‚Äì but it caused enough of a shit storm to further soil the company’s name in people’s eyes. This was also back when it decided splitting up its discs and streaming plans would be a smart idea. And here we are in 2013, and Netflix is making more bank than it ever has, setting unprecedented viewer records that will no doubt be beaten by new, hairier series. Not a lot of soil on that name now.

Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong, Says He Was ‘Unjustly Enriched’
Dallas Morning News
The Justice Department laid out its case in a lawsuit against Lance Armstrong on Tuesday, saying the cyclist violated his contract with the U.S. Postal Service and was “unjustly enriched” while cheating to win the Tour de France.The government had previously announced it would join the whistle-blower lawsuit brought by former Armstrong teammate Floyd Landis. Tuesday was the deadline for the Justice Department to file its formal complaint.

Anthony Bourdain Boldly Bites Back at Fox News
Eater National
Early Tuesday Fox News took a jab at its cable news competitor CNN with the story attacking Anthony Bourdain with the title “Is CNN using potty-mouthed chef to boost ratings?” Bourdain is the host of the new CNN series Parts Unknown, and the network has been somewhat liberal by not bleeping his use of the word “shit.” So naturally, Bourdain went on a tirade, tweeting, “Hasn’t FOX pretty much pioneered the loosening of standards and practices on both broadcast and cable?”

Amazon Fights eBay Over Online Sales Tax
Amazon and eBay used to be allies in Washington, protecting their best competitive advantage – the right not to charge sales tax – from the forces of big box stores like Best Buy and old-school department stores like Macy’s. But those days are over. Amazon flipped – and now it’s fighting eBay in an all-out civil war in the Senate, where a bill to set national sales tax standards is up for debate.

Facebook Data Center Empire to Conquer Heartland in 2014
Middle America will get it own Facebook data center by the end of next year. At least, that’s the plan. On Tuesday, in the wake of press reports that Facebook was building a massive computing facility outside of Des Moines, Iowa, the social networking giant confirmed the news, saying it will break ground on the data center this summer and begin serving traffic around the fall of 2014.

Citizen ‘Journalism’ Ran Amok in Boston Crisis
Editor and Publisher
(Editor’s Note: See today’s CommPRO blog post: “Boston Bombing Coverage Mixed Reviews: Reporting Rumors”, By Fred Bayles, Director, Boston University)…With an entire city on lockdown and the whole world watching, crowd reporting on the drama in Boston last week reached critical mass. Now, we are facing a critical mess.

Pew: 93% of Households Lost Net Worth 2009-11
USA Today
The richest Americans got richer during the first two years of the economic recovery while average net worth declined for 93% of the nation’s households, the Pew Research Center said Tuesday.



A Flawed Bidding Process Leaves Dell at a Loss
New York Times
The private equity firm Blackstone Group has exited the stage for Dell, abruptly bringing down the curtain on a budding takeover contest. It has the elements of a farce, and Dell’s board has no one to blame but itself. The fizzled bidding for Dell is a result of the board’s extreme reliance on a process known as a go-shop and how it ran the initial sale. If this episode does not change the way companies sell themselves, perhaps it should.

AP’s Twitter Account Hacked in Market-Moving Attack
The Associated Press, one of the world’s largest news agencies, said a hacking attack caused it to send out an erroneous Twitter post that sent markets down 1 percent in a matter of seconds. The false information about explosions at the White House and President Barack Obama being injured came after repeated attempts by hackers to gain access to AP reporters’ passwords, the news agency said in a report. It said it had suspended its account and would work to fix the vulnerability.

The Carl Icahn Boom Continues With Netflix
Carl Icahn‘s roll continues. For the last few years, Icahn has knocked out impressive investment returns and stock market gains, but 2013 is turning into a blockbuster year. The home entertainment business has not always been kind to Icahn and his increasing fortunes in recent years have been fueled by oil industry-related investments, but in 2013 the story is Netflix.

Apple’s Newest Product Introduction: Its Quarterly Earnings Report
Recently it seems like the biggest milestones for Apple (AAPL) aren’t product introductions but days like today, when it posted its second-quarter earnings report. The company announced another remarkable haul in the form of $43.6 billion in revenue and $9.5 billion in net profit, once again demonstrating an alchemical ability to turn iPhones, iPads, and iMacs into money.

Verizon Outguns AT&T in Q1 Smartphones
In the battle between wireless giants over consumers, Verizon Wireless toppled rival AT&T in the first quarter. Growth in the traditional contract subscriber business — seen as the bread and butter of the wireless carriers — has been slowing for over the last several quarters. But Verizon appears to be weathering the slowdown better than most. It wasn’t much of a contest. Verizon added a net 677,000 new contract customers, compared with 296,000 net new contract subscribers at AT&T.



Facebook Revamps Brand Pages for Mobile, Desktop Coming Soon
Facebook has been quietly reworking the design of its mobile brand Pages, the first results of which are now on display on Facebook’s mobile web and iOS apps. New designs will be coming to Android – and later, to the desktop version of Pages – soon, Facebook said in an e-mailed statement.The new design positions interaction – rather than content – at the top of the page.

Durex Creates ‘Touch-Actuator’ Underwear for Long-DistanceLovers
Brand Republic
Durex Australia has developed Fundawear, underwear that it claims allows couples to touch each other over the internet for the first time. The underwear has been developed by Havas Worldwide Sydney, Snepo Technologies and fashion designer Billie Whitehouse. It allows long-distance couples to touch each other via a smartphone app. One half of a couple can send a message to their partner’s smartphone, which then relays the message to “touch-actuators” woven into the fabric of their underwear.

Minerva Aims to be an Online Ivy League University
Time Magazine
Online learning has been trumpeted by everyone from academics to politicians to venture capitalists as a way to improve access to education. But now a novel idea is emerging from a prominent group of digital education supporters: you can’t learn everything online. The Minerva Project is a first-of-its-kind hybrid of old and new in which there is no campus and students take all of their courses online, but live together in traditional college dorms.

Verizon Wireless to Sell Rumored Lumia 928 in May: Report
Verizon Wireless, not AT&T, will sell the rumored Lumia 928 next month, says a new report. It would be a first for Verizon. AT&T has been Nokia’s booster in the U.S. market, as the Finnish phone maker has worked to jump-start its ailing brand with smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. It’s Verizon Wireless, however, that will sell the Lumia 928, a rumored and highly anticipated new high-end device, Bloomberg reported April 23.

Putting a Dollar Value on a Facebook Fan
New York Times
As noted in Monday’s Dashboard summary of the week’s small-business news, a social media marketing firm, Syncapse, has published a report that says the average value of a Facebook fan is $174.17. Seeking further details about the calculation and its potential impact on a small-business owner’s social media investment, we reached out to the company’s chief executive, Michael Scissons, and had the following conversation, which has been edited and condensed …




Salesforce Launches App To Help Ad Agencies Go Bigger On Facebook And Twitter
As Facebook and Twitter continue to change the way we perceive social media-changing how we connect to friends through an immersive phone app; helping to spread (and shape) information in developing news stories-brands know they need to go social to energize their fans and reach new consumers. That task got easier Tuesday with the announcement of’s new social advertising application, Salesforce

For Online Video Shares, Unruly Says, Those First Dates Are Important
I’ve seen enough chick flicks and so have you and so have all of us: If the guy doesn’t call you the next day, you know, he’s just not that in to you. Profound selectivity works in the online ad business, too. According to new research from Unruly, a quarter of the average branded video’s shares happen within three days of the launch.

Does an $8 Million Advertising Campaign Really Make Obamacare into the Iraq War?
Washington Post
“Obamacare is the Iraq of the Obama administration,” tweets Ben Domenech. This is a wonderful piece of Twitter ephemera – both in its implicit view of what the Iraq war was, and what Obamacare is. But the link is even better. It goes to a piece Peter Suderman wrote for Reason magazine. The headline? “Obama Administration to Spend Another $8 Million Marketing ObamaCare.” Yep, that was definitely the problem in Iraq.




PR Stunt? – Michael Buble Does Something Stupid With Reese Witherspoon! Listen HERE!
Perez Hilton
Michael Buble and Reese Witherspoon make sweet, sweet music together.The two collaborated on Something Stupid – an upcoming track on Michael’s new album To Be Loved, and it sounds AH-mazing!! We know Reese has got some serious vocal chops – ahem, Walk The Line – but this lady continues to impress. For realz.

5 Steps for Creating Awesome Infographics
Infographics are all the rage these days. One part brain candy and one part eye candy, these shareable data-rich story-tellers are a great compliment to any content marketing mix.There are many great resources for helping create infographics but I found there were several steps that I needed to take before I could even start.




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