Weaknesses? 10 Tips for Answering This Interview Question


Get HiredWeaknesses?  Everyone has been asked that in an interview.  It’s a scary question for most of us but, remember, we all have them.  They make us who we are.  Stock answers come off as fake, off-the-shelf replies.  No one is perfect and we all have areas that need improvement.  So, before you can tell someone your weaknesses, you must identify them.  Where do you think you are the weakest?  Now, ask your friends/co-workers.  Their perspective might be totally different.  Don’t get defensive if they disagree with you.  They are seeing you as you appear to others.  Once you have identified your weaknesses, you can acknowledge them, plan on how to improve them and, then, you will be able to answer the interviewer’s question professionally and meaningfully.

When answering this question during an interview, remember to share something that does not relate to the open position and be able to reference how you have overcome this weakness.  Be able to discuss a problem and how you overcome it with specifics from past jobs.  Some examples of weaknesses to discuss are:

1.  Lack of knowledge of finance or business.  You have basic knowledge but are taking classes, reading etc. to become more knowledgeable.

2.  Leaving a project unfinished.  You find this frustrating but realize sometimes you have to give up and move on.

3.  Being a very good business writer but not a creative writer.  Your specialty is business writing and, as your samples show, you can write in multiple styles and formats.

4.  Frustration with under-performers.  Managerial classes and working with HR has helped you to better manage this.

5.  Not delegating.  Working with your manager and HR to overcome this.

6.  Providing too much detail.  Working with your manager and becoming a better editor focusing on the real issue.

7.  Trying to do everything.  Realizing this, I’ve worked to delegate more and put in the processes to insure the work is getting done without my doing it.

8.  Spelling, grammar issues.  Taking classes, using additional online support and taking more time to reread.

9.  Need time to prepare.  Not being quick on your feet to answer can be a big issue.  Working with a coach can help you overcome this.

10. Constructive criticism giver.  Not good at giving constructive criticism can be a huge issue.  Working with HR and your manager can help.




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