Ways to Improve Google AdWords Conversion Rate


Ways to Improve Google AdWords Conversion Rate

CommPRO Editorial Staff

Every business is looking to make more money and they tend to rely on online presence a lot these days. That is completely understandable since people are more keen on doing everything on the internet.

The world of digital marketing is a tough one but it should not be something to get discouraged about. Instead, you should think of it as a great opportunity to make more money.

One of the most overlooked techniques these days has to be Google AdWords. With all the emphasis on SEO and social media, AdWords has been forgotten by quite a few. It is a bit surprising because this tool certainly brings a lot to the table.

If you want to find out how to make the most out of it, this article will be a perfect place to start.

Remember to Use Free Tools

A great rule of thumb for improving things would be making use of free tools. There are things like Google Ads promo code (coupon) you can get for free, as well as plenty of other great things available at the CleverAds website.

Start with Search Network Only

Ways to Improve Google AdWords Conversion Rate

Beginners will have a lot of things to learn and it is better to start with Search Network Only. This is the simplest way to start the campaign. 

When you have a goal of making sells, it is natural that you want to get people that are interested in your goods or services. Instead of wasting resources on random internet users, spend them on a targeted audience. 

This Network shows ads to those who enter relevant keywords into the search tab. Your bounce rate and other metrics will not suffer from unwanted visitors.

Polishing the Ad Copy

Some people have the most fun with the campaign when they get to write the ad copy. It is a long and arduous journey if you want to become really good at it.

The best in the business make thousands of dollars by writing nothing more than a few words. That is how much a powerful copy is worth.

Of course, expecting to come up with something compelling from the very start is out of the question. But then again, as long as you cover the basics and continue to improve, you should be perfectly fine.

Landing Page

It is never too much to put extra emphasis on the importance of the landing page. Whenever people click on ads, they expect to end up in the right place.

Some businesses like to use clickbait and put their reputation on the line. Acting in such a way is detrimental to your brand, and you should refrain from such behavior.


Ways to Improve Google AdWords Conversion Rate


Make use of Google Analytics to keep track of things and figure out the holes in your campaign. Having a number of people who visited the site, how much time they spent on each page, and what the bounce rate is like helps immensely.

Keyword Research

Another thing that you will have to invest a lot of time has to be keyword research. The whole thing becomes a lot easier if you use tools like Keyword Planner, but you will need to pay for it.

Remember to put keywords in groups to keep track of things easier. Use longtail keywords but do not bid on terms that are too broad. Finally, try different variations of the same keywords as those could also improve efficiency by a decent margin.

Negative Keywords

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. When you are searching to get something, the first words that come to mind are probably “free”, “trial”, “test”, etc. These words are called negative keywords.

Removing such keywords from your campaign will ensure that people are not misled and will not click on your ads with wrong expectations.


Ways to Improve Google AdWords Conversion Rate


It is easy to left things the way they are, especially if your campaign is doing well. However, one should constantly check campaigns and make adjustments. After all, things are evolving all the time and it is quite easy to miss out on a small detail which can cause a snowball effect.

Competitive Research

There is hardly any better method to learn than by researching the competition. Even more so if they have been doing this longer than you have.

You can get a lot of inspiration for your next ad, as well as experience about things which should never be implemented.

Willingness to Learn

Expect to spend a bit of time before you get the basics down. Mastering Google AdWords can be a tough challenge for most, but as long as you have a will for it, you should end up in a decent place.

All in all, if you follow every single piece of advice in this article, you will definitely be in good hands the next time you create a Google AdWords campaign. This marketing technique can become a strong ally and it would be unwise to not make the most out of it.