Want to Write Tighter and Shorter? Here’s How…


Want to Write Tighter and Shorter


Short is good.

Allison Carter, Ragan Communications

We’re busy. No one has time to read lots of words when a few will do.

But, to paraphrase Blaise Pascal, you don’t have time to make it shorter.

Writing tight is a skill like any other. And as with most writing skills, the true craftsmanship comes before you type your first word. Good thinking leads to taut writing.

Bring out your inner Hemingway with these tips:

  1. Put your audience first.

You should do this before writing anything, but in this case, you’re thinking about what’s most essential for your reader to know. If that’s the harried journalist who will receive your press release, that’s probably the 5 Ws and the H. If it’s your boss on a strategy document, that’s likely going to be more about what resources are needed, the timeframe and the potential outcomes and pitfalls. If it’s an article aimed at busy PR professionals, focus on actionable takeaways.

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