Wall Street Veterans Enter Crypto Mining and Data Infrastructure Space


CommPRO.biz Editorial Staff

Y2X Digital Solutions announced it has begun the buildout of its first facility in Western Pennsylvania. The opportunity was created as a response to America’s need for trusted on-soil mining and high-intensity data hosting solutions. Located on the perimeter of a 500MW power plant in a qualified Opportunity Zone, the site provides ample room for expansion. The secure facility will house ASICS and GPUs for cryptocurrency miners as well as provide infrastructure for cloud rendering, AI farms, and machine learning services.

In addition to the data hosting facilities, Y2X Digital Solutions is exploring ways to make productive use of the heat generated by the facility, such as hydroponic green houses and aquaculture. The facility will create a number of new jobs in the community, both during the construction phase and once in operation.

David Shuler, President of Y2X, stated: “High-intensity data hosting and processing is absolutely crucial infrastructure for the 21st century. The future will be driven by technology, and we want to be among the ones building the roads.”

Wysox Township Supervisor, Evan Barnes, added: “Having a technology based company come to the Wysox area further diversifies our township’s job opportunities and continues to grow our local economy.”

Source: Blockchain Wire