A Visual Content “Cheat Sheet”

visual content cheat sheet

There seems to be no stopping the demand for visual content.  Both the media and the public expect to see visuals with every story. Even though they know that there is this demand for images and video, and that visual improve engagement and conversion, many companies with budget restrictions and small teams strapped for time find producing visual content challenging.

Last month Tinu Abayomi-Paul and I did a webinar about how to produce visual content and the need for a digital content hub on every  company website. Tinu promised attendees she would put together a “cheat-sheet” of tips and resources. It turned out to be a great resource so she’s generously making it available to everyone.

  1. Use other people’s pictures – as long as you either have permission or they are published with the Creative Commons license.  Resources you can use:  Foter, Photodropper ( a WP plug-in)
  2. Outsource:  Use inexpensive designers on Fiverr and Odesk.
  3. Add quotes and trending memes to a picture – tool:Picmonkey
  4. Use Templates to save time – try Powtoon and Canva for editable templates.
  5. Add color – you can use color in text and in images. Use the color palette generator or Color Hunter to find colors that are compatible.
  6. Present data visually -charts, infographics.  This is the list of Tinu’s favorite infographic tools http://list.ly/list/2Of-infographic-resources
  7. Show don’t tell – always think about how you can tell the story visually first.
  8. Curate content with tools like Storify, Rebelmouse and List.ly



You can download the deck and share it with your team.

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  1. Steve "@PodcastSteve" Lubetkin on September 24, 2014 at 6:38 am

    The major problem with this approach is that your visual presentation will inevitably become one of thousands, if not millions, of canned, cookie-cutter videos that all look alike, sound alike and walk alike, meaning that your critical value proposition will get muddied by viewers thinking “Oh, yeah, this looks like those hundred other hand-moving-on-a-white-board videos I watched this week,” and promptly go to dial tone. See http://bit.ly/8VideosNever

    A better approach is to find a content producer who can work within your budget to deliver a high quality REAL video production that represents your brand with a real story about your work.

    We have more on this strategy at http://bit.ly/BeingTheMedia, and examples on our website.

    Steve “@PodcastSteve” Lubetkin
    The Lubetkin Media Companies