Video Marketing Trends for 2019


Robert DePalma, Owner of DePalma Productions and Co-Owner of Azure Stages 

As technology continues to expand and grow, so does a business’ need for video marketing to help tell its story. This year, the use of video is trending toward being informative, captivating and effective. It’s important to use professional, high quality video to share your message whether you are communicating to clients, employees, business partners or the general public. Following, are two trends that are helping companies grow internally and externally through the use of video assets.

Trend #1: Turning White Papers into Videos

Turning a white paper into an educational video is a big trend we are seeing for 2019. Millennials are the next generation of decision makers and being that their medium of choice is video, turning white papers into a visual asset is becoming more of a necessity for companies.

White papers are a presented analysis or very detailed report on a specific topic. People read them to stay on top of trends, learn more about a product or service, and help them make more informed purchasing decisions. When white papers are turned into video, they are brought to life, become more engaging and interactive. Videos also help make difficult topics easier to grasp and understand. Since video holds so much power, it can help improve sales for a B2B company, or create better business practices for employees and much more.

Trend #2: Internal “Morning Joe” Type Video Podcasts for Corporations 

We are seeing a trend of weekly video podcasts with executives in corporations. These “Morning Joe” type of videos are casual sit downs with executives that are sent to internal employees. They can include basics like, how they start their day, how they unwind and deal with stress, how they strive for a work/life balance, etc. Videos like this are a great way to have the everyday employee see, hear, and get to know their higher ups. They also humanize “bosses” and help them discover things they may have in common.

Video podcasts with executives are a great way to build up corporate communications. They can help your employees understand how that person got to their level/position, with the hopes of inspiring and motivating employees to strive for their own goals. Videos can also give employees an idea of what other divisions across the company do, to help engage employees across departments, improve communication and collaboration, help enact changes and improve processes across the organization. Professionally producing these video segments is vital because it helps reinforce the company’s high-standards and reputation and also helps engage the viewers more effectively (as no one enjoys watching a grainy, shaky, poorly produced video).

Robert DePalmaAbout the Author: Robert DePalma has more than 30 years of experience in the video production industry via his business DePalma Productions, and recently opened a brand-new professional sound stage called Azure Stages located in Scarsdale, NY.



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