Video Marketing Music on a Guitar String Budget

Larry Thomas

Larry Thomas

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from a friend and former colleague. Fred Yager, Vice President of Media Creation at Gibson, is a talented producer, writer and communicator. Throughout his career –from days managing TV news operations for Fox through his current role at the world’s most famous guitar maker (and the many books in between) – Fred has focused on storytelling. I asked him to share this story about a recent video marketing success on a guitar-string budget. Enjoy it! – Larry Thomas


By Fred Yager, Vice President of Media Creation at Gibson.

Header-Gibson-LogoThe world of “earned media” has changed considerably since we were knocking out those VNRs at Medialink a decade ago. I recently did a five minute video about the third largest guitar company in the world nobody outside the music industry has ever heard of, “Epiphone,” which celebrates its 140th anniversary this year.  We would never have attempted to place a five minute video of anything back then. Television would never have accepted it.

But television on line is a different story. I sent the video to Guitar magazines and other media outlets and Premier Guitar, which has about nine million monthly visitors ran it as is. Click here for article and embedded video. 

What’s the take away? Well, we put this video on our YouTube channel and it got 4,600 views. Premier Guitar put it on their website, and probably got close to a million. “Earned media” pays.



Fred-photo-airport-3 (2)About the Author:
Fred Yager is an award-winning communicator, author, and narrative marketing visionary known for creating breakthrough media devices that reinvent the way companies communicate with their target audiences. Currently VP Media Creation for Gibson Brands, Fred has worked as a writer, editor and producer for CBS News, Fox Television and the Associated Press. He created and ran Merrill Lynch Television, the first and only Business Television operation not run by a media company. The author or co-author of seven books and numerous screenplays, Fred has now turned his attention to the music industry and creating content aimed at music lovers around the world through Gibson Entertainment.