Valence Group Inc. Announces Voice and Chat Innovation Accelerators

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Valence Group Inc., a digital transformation solution provider announced the release of two new innovation programs related to modern voice and chat technologies. The two releases include the Healthcare Experience Innovation Accelerator as well as an internal, employee-focused “voice bot” framework based on Amazon Alexa for Business technologies.

The Healthcare Experience Innovation Accelerator is focused on accelerating customer projects related to understanding and applying voice-related technologies, such as Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa, in real-life healthcare situations. The framework extends existing voice and chat technologies by using a healthcare specific natural language processor and symptom diagnosis engine and focuses on (1) helping patients understand possible causes for a symptom or problem they are experiencing, (2) simplifying the appointment scheduling process by providing patients the ability to schedule their appointments using a web, mobile, or voice interface, and (3) guiding them through pre- and post-visit questions. This is the third Innovation Accelerator released by the company, coming after the release of the HoloLens Innovation Accelerator this past May and the Blockchain Innovation Accelerator released this past July. Built by the Valence Innovation Team, the Innovation Accelerator program strives to provide a specific — and often vertical, industry-oriented — software framework to help “jumpstart” real-life solutions.

“We have a vision that modern voice and chat experiences will become a cornerstone of digital transformation programs,” said Jim Darrin, President of Valence Group. “We see a future where Amazon, Microsoft and other 3rd party devices are in every hospital, hotel, home, office and more, providing quick and easy access to both consumer and enterprise data anywhere in the world. We targeted the healthcare industry for our Innovation Accelerator to show the power of combining new tools and platforms in ways never imagined before, at a time of massive transformation in the healthcare industry.”

Additionally, the company announced the release of their internal, employee-focused voice skill called “Valence Bot”. Built on the Amazon Alexa for Business platform, this internal voice bot is experienced via an Amazon Echo device that each employee receives the day they start at Valence. It provides access via voice commands to all the corporate information an employee needs to get their job done, including human resources information (benefits, employee count, and more) as well as access to corporate systems like IT requests, CRM data, and more. Additionally, this solution was recently highlighted in the Amazon Alexa for Business “This is My Skill” showcase.

“I am incredibly excited to be partnering with Amazon to formally release our Valence Bot and the associated technology framework to the innovation community today,” said Matt Wright, Innovation Director at Valence. “We strive to make all our digital transformation technologies approachable to employees, and we believe this idea of creating our own enterprise skill is a great way for employees to experience voice technologies first hand.”


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