Utilizing Blockchain to Transform Healthcare Systems Business Practice at Blockchain Health IT Summit


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Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the current healthcare industry, as it aims to place the patient at the center of the health care ecosystem by means of increasing the interoperability, privacy, and security of health data. The vision for blockchain to disrupt traditional healthcare is far-reaching and full of promise, prompting healthcare providers and tech innovators to leverage blockchain solutions for organizations and providers throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

As the Healthcare industry shifts from legacy systems to blockchain, a greater understanding of the blockchain healthcare relationship is needed to encourage and ensure future adoption and implementation. In response to this need, Roosevelt Strategic Council will hold the Blockchain Health IT Summit on December 5-6, 2018, at the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, San Diego, California. This summit will provide a full-spectrum viewpoint of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in the healthcare setting, and how this disruptive technology will transform healthcare systems and delivery, as well as traditional healthcare business practices.

Utilizing Blockchain to Transform Healthcare Systems Business Practice at Blockchain Health IT Summit The Blockchain Health IT Summit will offer high-level, informative briefs from senior level members representing healthcare providers, blockchain companies, health data and IT companies, and healthcare innovators, and more! Collaborative sessions at the summit will include:

– A Foundation for 21st Century Business Models: Meeting the Nexus between Healthcare and Blockchain

* Speaker: Vince Kuratis, Principal, Better Health Technologies

– Blockchain for Healthcare: Demystifying the Technology

* Speaker: Jim St. Clair, Founder, Inst. for Healthcare Financial Tech

– Panel Discussion: Accelerating Reform in the Delivery of High-Quality Healthcare Services through Blockchain-Based Technologies

* Moderator: Leonard Kish, Co-Founder & CEO, YouBase.i.o

* Panelist: Dr. Timothy Mackey, MAS, Director – Healthcare Research and Policy, US San Diego Extension, Director Global Health Policy Institute, Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego

* Panelist: Stephen Baur, Principal IT Architect and Technology Strategist, Kaiser Permanente

* Panelist: Tori Adams, Vice President, Leader of ConsenSys US Government Practice, ConsenSys

– Panel Discussion: Securing Privacy and Data Security with Blockchain

* Moderator: Robert Barkovich, Founder, Health Linkages Inc.

* Panelist: Matthew Johnson, CTO, Guardtime

* Panelist: Kurt Lieber, Vice President & CISO, Aetna

* Panelist: Joel Simangan, Information Security Advisor, Secure Block Technologies

– Utilizing Blockchain for the Creation of a Healthcare Data Marketplace

* Speaker: Raj Sharma, CEO, Health Wizz

– Leveraging Blockchain to Secure the Healthcare Supply Chain

* Speaker: Ed Bukstel, CEO, Clinical Blockchain

Early bird registration rates end November 2nd. In order to allow for actionable discussion and dialogue amongst speaker and attendees, seating will be limited. Register now to reserve your seat. Those interested in participating in the Blockchain Health IT Summit can visit Roosevelt Strategic Council’s website at https://rscouncil.org/blockchainhealthit/.

Their summit has reserved a limited number of open speaking sessions available as part of a sponsorship role. We encourage those that have a recent powerful case study to share, emerging innovative capability or stimulating strategic discussion to offer. All sessions are pre-approved for educational & business value and content. For further information or additional questions contact: Luis Hernandez | lhernandez@rscouncil.org | 201.918.3478

Anyone interested in learning more or sending questions, contact Morgan Colfax at mcolfax@rscouncil.org, 201-266-0058.


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