Using Local Online Media for PR  


Using Local Online Media for PR

Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

Local online media for PR often delivers a better return on investment. Sometimes these avenues work better for businesses, especially locally-based businesses. Neighbors and customers together with prospects in the geographic area of a business go online as part of their everyday routines. They go through online newspapers and magazines, shop from online stores, and download music, software, and books. PR can play a very important role in ensuring that a business gets its share of attention from local customers. Given below are the different ways by which a  business can connect better with local customers. 

Post online PR about local activities – If a company sponsors local activities like workshops, educational seminars, and grand openings, online PR about such activities can help. Holding charity food drives or participating in community programs also need local press coverage. 

Cultivate a local audience – It has to be ensured that the content that is posted has a very local focus. Creating contests that encourage neighbors and local patrons to send photos of themselves, their pets, or their kids, can be extremely helpful. It is likely that when a photo is posted the local patrons will shoot off emails to a lot of their social media contacts and drive traffic to the site of the business. Target local newspapers, radio stations, magazines or websites that are well read or watched and fit the needs of an ideal client for the business. 

Mobile advertising- Mobile advertisement is growing in importance as an element of online PR. Many local businesses have transitioned away from asking customers for their email address to asking for their mobile phone numbers and permission to send event news, coupons, and updates via text messages. Making customers aware about a special deal, a newly available product or an online-only coupon can lead to sales that would otherwise be missed. 

Create PR opportunities – If it is the tenth anniversary of a business, or if it has won an award or a big contract, then the local media should be informed. Success stories are very appealing to readers and listeners. They rank higher than a sales pitch. Publicity can be maximized by tying up competitions with other events such as Valentine’s Day or the launch of new products. The advantage of local media is that there is more influence over how a story is presented compared to national press which may be looking for a more sensational angle. Yelp and Citysearch are sites that capitalize on the concept of ‘local’. Not only do these sites help others to find a business, they also encourage customers to rate their recent experience. If a business provides good service, it can expect most of its ratings to be positive.

About the Author: Ronn Torossian is CEO of PR agency, 5WPR.