Uptrennd Partners with GDA to Provide Institutional Coverage and Partnerships


CommPRO Editorial Staff

Uptrennd has reached an agreement with Global Digital Assets (GDA Capital) to leverage GDA’s capital markets expertise to accelerate the growth of Uptrennd and the distribution of the 1UP native asset through this next phase of user adoption. This partnership expands the Uptrennd geographical reach, creates access to institutional relationships while also creating a research pipeline for the firm.

Uptrennd is a social media platform that is designed to reposition the power structure between users and issuers; giving authority back to the user. With a 20/80 advertising revenue share with the users, as well as a singular focus on data security and freedom of speech, Uptrennd is primed to fill the void left by the current slate of social media platforms.

GDA actively looks for clients and projects with potential for market disruption and Uptrennd fits perfectly within this core competency. Uptrennd has grown 60% month over month this year with 11,000 new users onboarded in March, 18,000 new users who joined in April, and 29,000 in May, which will result in a total user base of 2.2 million by the end of 2020, if this momentum continues.

“Uptrennd was built to be a thriving ecosystem that puts people over profits,” said Jeff Kirdeikis, Founder of Uptrennd. “We believe social media should present an opportunity for people to become empowered, not exploited. We value freedom of speech, the security of data, and paying users for the time and energy they put in. We believe everyone should be able to thrive through doing what they love. Every decision we make is in the service of our members. We’re honoured to have received such an immensely positive response towards our vision of a better online world.”

Global Digital Assets was founded through the joint venture between MLG Blockchain and Secure Digital Markets and is focused on providing access to capital and international distribution to ensure robust and well-capitalized digital asset ecosystems. Global Digital Assets and its subsidiaries have worked with dozens of digital assets through the entire digital asset offerings lifecycle, and are now working with Uptrennd to provide additional capabilities to create a healthy and sustainable token economy.

“Following Metcalf’s law and other network-oriented growth metrics, our analysts have uncovered a tremendous amount of value in this project. The Uptrennd platform is growing significantly faster than its closest competitor Steemit but their native digital asset ‘1UP’, is only valued at 1% of the STEEM total market cap. We realized very quickly that Uptrennd is a project with a proven track record and a very undervalued position in the market. We were thrilled when the opportunity to work with Uptrennd presented itself.” said Michael Gord, co-founder and CEO of Global Digital Assets.

Source: Blockchain Wire