Unemployed Friend: 6 Ways To Help

Unemployed Friend: 6 Ways To HelpMarie Raperto, The Hiring Hub

Unemployed friends need our help.  It can happen to anyone and it’s scary because it can happen to us, too.  They need support and guidance.  They need to know you are there for them if it’s only to buy them coffee.  Here are some ways to help your unemployed friends.

  1.  Talk To Them.  Listen to them vent, to their fears.  Let them know you will be there for them.  You don’t have to offer help with their job search but you must let them know you are still their friend and there to help in any way.
  2. Help with technology.  Offer to review their online profiles or to proof their copy.  You might have experience with the online job search process and can show them the ropes.
  3.  Take the initiative.  It can be lonely sitting at home cold calling or searching the web.  Offer to take them out for coffee or lunch.  Do they need help setting up their home office?  Stop by to help.  Have extra supplies at home from your job search?  Pack up a ‘start your job search’ bag.
  4.  Help them network.  Do you know of anyone who could help them?  Recruiters or HR contacts from your past searches.  We all run out of contacts so providing a few more can be very helpful.  Remember over 80% of jobs are found through networking.  Try asking your social media contacts if they know of anyone.
  5.  Watch for part-time opportunities.  Part-time jobs can keep the money flowing and also lift their spirits.
  6.  Be positive.  You want to check in with them, not keep track of their progress.  Sometimes a phone call about a completely different subject will help lift their spirits.  If they do speak about their search, don’t point out their errors.  Be their confidant, their strength.

Be in touch at least every other day.  Friends need to know you are still there – ready and willing!