Understand and Eliminate Four Major Content Pain Points

Kathy2By Kathy Baughman President & Co-Founder, ComBlu

Brands are making progress in applying discipline and structure to building the optimal content strategy and operations, but there are still issues to overcome.  Through our work with major global brands, ComBlu has identified a consistent set of pain points that many brands encounter when developing and executing their content marketing programs.

These challenges led to the development of our latest ebook, “The Alchemy of Content: A Formula for Overcoming Four Major Content Pain Points” that delves into these pain points and presents a method for attacking each one. The following is a glimpse at what the eBook offers. 

Pain Point One: Brands recognize their role as a content publisher, but still grapple with the best way to organize the content creation and distribution process. Most of the information about organizing the marketing function as a content publisher follows the media or newsroom model. While instructive, the larger point is missed. Most brands today publish a massive amount of content, but little work is done to foster true collaboration to avoid the development of multiple pieces of content on the same topic.  Brands need to understand their full, existing content ecosystem before building a content organization.

Pain Point Two: Brands still wonder if they can continue to effectively “feed the content beast.” According to a Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs study, 64 percent of marketers say their biggest challenge is creating sufficient content. Marketers worry that they don’t have enough content to reach people and stay top-of-mind at every point of the buyer’s journey. In reality, the brand will never maintain the post position in the day-to-day lives of customers, prospects and other stakeholders. Many brands overcompensate for these dynamics by generating a ton of content and indiscriminately amplifying it across as many channels as possible. The real goal is to worry less about content volume and instead create fewer pieces of “epic” content that kindle an “aha” moment when a person discovers it and realizes it is just what they need right now.

Finding the right mix will help eliminate the “feeding the beast” syndrome, but this requires an insights process that forecasts the right content and topics along the decision journey. Once the roadmap is complete, creating the right content becomes a more focused effort.

Pain Point Three: Content cadence is another big conundrum. Many brands still fall into the trap of thinking they need to produce content because they have a publishing cycle that dictates a certain amount of content. An emerging best practice is to monitor the content amplification process to uncover the natural rhythms and life cycle of your content. If the nature and quality of content is optimized, a brand may be able to publish less frequently with better effect.

One of the key outcomes of the insights process (Pain Point Two) is data that informs both content cadence and publication timing. It requires the brand to view the output from the insights process through a different lens; one that is time-based and will uncover natural points when content topics will have better resonance and opportunity for content breakthroughs.

Pain Point Four: Brands want to know if their content is working hard enough for the investment made. Content ROI is subjective and driven by the business mission or objectives of the content marketing program. An integrated approach to measurement yields a value story as opposed to simply tracking activity metrics. The important thing is to know which content is performing and which distribution channels provide the best positioning and consumption. The resulting data becomes another source for the insights process so that efficiencies and effectiveness evolve exponentially.

For a proven methodology for overcoming these pressing content challenges, download the ebook now!

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