Types of Digital Media


Types of Digital Media

Ronn Torossian, CEO, 5WPR

People spend an average of seven hours a day on the internet using digital media, this according to mentor-led data analytics and science educational company Springboard. While the history of digital media goes back to the 1980’s  with those handheld video games, look at all the options today where just about anything that’s accessed via a digital device can be classified as digital media.

One way to best understand digital media is to break it down into categories. There are four basic ones.


Streaming audio online or listening to VOiP, midi, WMA or .mp3 or .mp4 files are but some examples. iTunes, YouTube and Google Play are among the most popular platforms.


Here again, because of the combination of pictures and sound, YouTube and Google Play are very popular. Many sites also stream video which has been found to be a powerful sales tool.  “Live” video via webcam chats, video conferencing, etc. are also utilized a lot.

Photos and illustrations

These are handy in supporting blog posts and articles. Infographics and digital art have also found their way among the favorites. 


Just about all digital media includes text. Text is particularly critical in searches and websites.

Types of Content

The four digital media formats are the basis for how social media gurus and marketers leverage them.


Some observers say the reason once popular Borders Books and Music went out of business was because they failed to recognize the dramatic change in people’s switch to eBooks. Not only do today’s eBooks entertain, but many also teach and guide consumers. Some are offered for free and used as lead magnets to obtain contact information of potential consumers.

Blogs and articles

Blog posts are utilized frequently by celebrity influencers to promote causes and products they support. Marketers, too,  have long been publishing a variety of articles to reach their target audiences.

Social media

Social media is widely used today by everyone. Not only do people connect with friends and family, but it’s the favored platform for the news media, marketers and influencers.


Examples of digital media advertising today are banner ads on websites, video, search and social media ads. Some forms of AI on brand help pages might also be considered advertising as well.

Digital art

Creators of digital media have discovered a new marketplace where they can produce and sell their videos, music, illustrations and photos. Even stock photo agencies like Magisto and Getty Images have found new opportunities online.

Video games

Video games continue to grow in appeal via PCs, tablets and smartphones. It’s even found favor with some gamblers where one can place bets or gamble online.

Virtual reality

A recent newcomer to digital media, virtual reality brings the sights and sounds to users in near-realistic experiences through video, sound and graphics. It’s growing in popularity and, if it can overcome privacy concerns, as well as some health and safety considerations, it is considered by some to be the next platform for e-commerce.

As entrepreneur Hamed Wardak and so many others say often, “No matter one’s preference for digital media format or content, one thing’s certain: digital media will be here for a long time.”


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