Twitter Resumes: 4 Examples Showing Why You Should Have One


Twitter Resume TipsShould you have a Twitter resume or not?  Twitter resumes are one of the best ways to create short, targeted resumes. They highlight the main reason an employer should hire you, focusing in on your main selling point.  Everyone is reading less text these days and your resume, your cover letter and even your elevator speech might be too long.

A Twitter resume allows you to ‘come to the point,’ capture someone’s attention and then refer them to all your information on LinkedIn,, etc.  Or if you are currently working, it allows someone to contact you in order to find you more about you.

What does a Twitter resume look like?  Here are some content examples for a Twitter resume:

1.  Copywriter for print/online.  Photo editor. Fashion/luxury market.

2.  Media junkie adept at public relations, branding and event planning.

3.  Marketing/advertising strategist with strong project management skills.  Will relocate for right opportunity.

4. Recent grad.  Intern experience in marketing/communications in NYC.

Think of your Twitter resume as your TAG LINE.  To describe your professional life, what should follow your name?



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