Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013 – Highlights: Facebook ‘Failing’ Marketers; Brian Solis on the PR Industry;Samsung Inks $100 Million NBA Deal; Pay for App Upgrades?

 Tuesday, October 29, 2013




3 Ways to Write Positive News Headlines in a Negatively Charged World
By Susan Young, CEO, Get in Front Communications, Inc.
It’s time to kill the ‘headline fear factor.’ Anyone who writes or produces content could be guilty of spewing fear throughout communities. Bright, well-educated, and good-intentioned people who are cognizant of the power of headlines and SEO have followed the media’s poor example of sharing negativity …

Gorkana Meets…Brian Solis
PRSA International Conference Keynote Speaker
Gorkana caught up with Brian Solis, new media expert and bestselling author, at the PRSA 2013 International Conference. Gorkana: You mentioned during the Opening General Session that “People are now brands.” Do you consider yourself, “Brian Solis,” as a brand? Brian Solis: No, absolutely not. That would be incredibly egotistic! I view myself as a student.

Job Referrals: 5 Ways To Use Your Network To Get Them
The Hiring Hub…By Marie Raperto
Referrals are effective tools in getting jobs. When you are referred, you are being endorsed by someone who the hiring manager or interviewer trusts. These referrals can also be a great source of information about the job, the hiring manager/interviewer, and about other open positions. To get referrals you have to use your network wisely and carefully. You must not over use your network …




The Media Evolution: Is Your Content Keeping Up?
For the Agile Engagment Channel
In response to sea changes in how people find, consume and share information, traditional media outlets are retooling their newsrooms and evolving their coverage. Despite the still-challenging economic environment, many outlets are investing heavily on people and technology, in order to deliver a news product that satisfies audience appetites for rich visuals, tablet-friendly design and up-to-the minute reporting.

Greetings From PRSA – theCOMMSapp Just Launched
For Corporate Communications
So here we are at the 2013 Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference in Philadelphia where we just launched theCOMMSapp, the mobile technology platform that allows any organization to have a native app on the App Store and Google Play in less than three weeks and to connect directly …

An Intern’s Point-of-View: Final Thoughts from the PRSSA National Conference 2013
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
As the 2013 National Conference of the Public Relations Student Society of America comes to a close, taking time to reflect is always vital. The past few days have been filled with so many presentations, keynotes, and networking that it can be a challenge to keep pace. Overall, the PRSSA national conference …

Gorkana Meets…Sherry Goldman
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
Sherry Goldman is President of Goldman Communications Group and Adjunct Professor in PR at Long Island University/C.W. Post.The thing that gets me up in the morning is…my alarm clock. I love to sleep late, so I have to set the alarm to get up, even on weekends so I can get to the beach by noon.What made me want to get into PR was… I was working as an associate editor on a trade …

Gorkana Meets…Jennifer Elena
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
Jennifer Elena, CEO and Founder of JElena Group, on being the family spokesperson, big data and metrics and integrated marketing.The thing that gets me up in the morning is…music, hot tea and thinking about where our team left off from the night before. What made me want to get into PR was…my love for literature and stories and my natural born entrepreneurial spirit.

Gorkana Meets…Heather LaMarre
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
Heather LaMarre, Assistant Professor at Temple University, on changing courses, emergent media and “strategic communication.” The thing that gets me up in the morning is…my family and the Introduction to Public Relations class I teach at 8:00 a.m. What made me want to get into PR was…




The Tricks & Treats of Facebook in a Crisis
WEBINAR – October 31st
Is Facebook your friend or foe in a crisis? The frightening truth is it really depends on a lot of factors. (Don’t be afraid to look at Facebook in an all new light when you join us for this special Halloween webinar.) Let us start with a discussion about your brand page. Do you have one? There are three schools of thought …

Why Social Media Broke PR – And How You Can Fix It
FREE ONLINE EVENT – November 6th
Social media and new media changed the PR game forever when the relationship between brand and audience went direct. If you’ve been struggling to understand how to make social work for you and how to integrate it into your PR, marketing, and communications programs in a way that makes sense, don’t miss this webinar with SHIFT Communications Vice President …




Pediatricians Call for Llimits on Kids’ Screen Time
International Business Times
Families should make a “media use plan” and set clear rules about TV, cell phones and other devices, pediatricians said today. That includes limiting kids’ screen time to one or two hours per day. Parents should also keep children’s rooms free of TV and Internet access, according to a policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Council on Communications and Media.

Easing Up On English
China Daily
World’s second language to play smaller role in national college entrance exams, report Peng Yining, He Na and Wang Shanshan in Beijing. Yin Zixuan, an 18-year-old high school student in Beijing, started learning English as a child in kindergarten.”We’ve always been told that the English language is important for getting into a good college, finding a good job and a lot of other things,” he said. “And then, all of sudden, we’re told that its role will be reduced in the most important test for Chinese students.”




Consumer Reports Pulls Recommendation for Toyota Camry
Global Post
Toyota Motor Corp’s reputation for quality took a hit on Monday when influential magazine Consumer Reports pulled its recommendation on three of the Japanese automaker’s vehicles, including its popular flagship Camry sedan, due to poor crash test results. While Toyota’s luxury Lexus and namesake brands were ranked most reliable in the U.S. auto industry in Consumer Reports’ annual new-car reliability survey, the magazine said it will no longer recommend the Camry, Prius v model or RAV4 sport utility vehicle …

AMC to Buy Liberty Global’s Chellomedia for $1.035 Billion
LONDON – AMC Networks has inked a deal to acquire Chellomedia, the international content division of Liberty Global, for €750 million ($1.035 billion). The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2014. The acquisition gives AMC access to an extensive array of TV channels that are distributed to more than 390 million households in 138 countries, allowing AMC to distribute programming from AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel and WE tv across a far bigger global footprint. The channels span a range of genres, including movie and entertainment networks.




Facebook ‘is Failing Marketers by Abandoning Social Marketing’
Marketing Week
The report, authored by Forrester’s vice president and principal analyst Nate Elliott, claims Facebook has “abandoned its promise” to revolutionise marketing with social ads and has instead “become almost entirely reliant on the traditional advertising models it once lampooned”: display ads and simplistic targeting. Facebook “no longer supports social marketing”, the report claims. Facebook instead “teases marketers” with the promise it will better connect them with their customers, yet on average Facebook only shows a brand’s page posts to 16 per cent of its fans

Affluents Say Louis Vuitton Most Overrated; Nordstrom Least
Media Post
Turns out that when it comes to buying flashy watches and six-figure handbags, the rich are as skeptical as the rest of us. A new report from the American Affluence Research Center says that 44% of the country’s richest 10% say that Louis Vuitton is overrated, 38% say the same about Gucci, and 37% believe that is true about both Prada and Hermes. By contrast, just 12% of this group, who have an average net worth of $3.1 million and average income of $256,000, describe Nordstrom as overrated, followed by Clinique and Lancome.

Samsung Inks $100 Million Sponsorship Deal With the NBA
Ad Age Digital Next
Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest maker of smartphones, signed a multiyear deal to supply the National Basketball Association with mobile devices and televisions. Under the agreement with the NBA, the Women’s National Basketball Association and the NBA Development League, referees will use Samsung tablets courtside to review key plays, according to a statement, which didn’t provide financial terms. The deal is worth $100 million over three years, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.




Solving PR Exec Comms Overload
Everything PR
Just launched Monday at PRSA’s 2013 International Conference in Philadelphia, theCOMMSapp is intended to address the communications overload most PR and communications professionals face today. Where the need for “pushing” key content in the “now” arises, mobile applications like the one Founder and CEO Jeff Corbin’s team have hammered out will soon dominate the business communications pathways.

The PR Plan Behind Ronan Farrow’s Incredible Career
The Guardian UK
For the inordinately ambitious, helping to build your offspring’s resume is as pressing and critical as arranging a propitious marriage has been in certain societies (today’s ideal resume also includes strategic romantic relationships).We now have an ultimate aspirational resume, truly surpassing all before it, well beyond mere yuppie ambition and into an undreamed of sort of pre-career virtuosity: that of 25-year-old Ronan Farrow, who, without ever hardly having had a paying job, has gone from faceless celebrity-family member to historical entity in the period of a few weeks.




Why I Bought the Globe
Boston Globe
I HAVE been asked repeatedly in recent weeks why I chose to buy the Globe. A few have posed the question in a tone of incredulity, as in, “Why would anyone purchase a newspaper these days?” But for the most part, people have offered their thanks and best wishes with a great deal of warmth. A number of civic and business leaders have also offered their help. I didn’t expect any of these reactions, but I should have.

AP’s Carroll Praises DOJ Press Protection Changes
Associated Press Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll said Monday she is looking forward to the start of new Obama administration protections for journalists after the Justice Department’s “overly broad” collection of AP phone records. Justice Department officials acknowledged in the spring they seized records for 21 AP phone lines during an investigation into the leak of information on a foiled al-Qaida bomb plot. The revelation spurred strong criticism from press and civil rights groups. It also resurrected long-simmering questions of what tools journalists should use to protect their sources and where the line is drawn in protecting national security interests.





Telstra, Ericsson Demo World’s First LTE Broadcast
TV News Check
Australia telecommunications provider Telstra completed the world’s first LTE Broadcast over a commercial network using Ericsson’s LTE Broadcast Solution. The demo was successfully activated and tested on Telstra’s live network with the transmission of concurrent video feeds and large video files to enabled devices.

We’ll Pay for App Upgrades, but Only if They’re Meaningful
Time Magazine
Last week, something interesting happened: My favorite iOS Twitter client, Tweetbot, got a major update. The catch: It wasn’t free. Apple‘s App Store policies don’t allow developers to charge for upgrades to their apps. Now in general practice, app developers shouldn’t charge for incremental upgrades or bug fixes, but they absolutely should be able to charge for major new upgrades to the features and functionality of their apps.





This So-Called Digital Life: Re-Evaluating the Value of Social Media
Brian Solis


The Benefits of Using Instagram
Maximize Social Business

The Aqualibrium
Cool Business Ideas

Are You Still Playing Russian Roulette with Google?

Discovery U.S. Hispanic to participate in FIU’s Hispanic Communications Conference
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The Power of “We Screwed Up Marketing” to Save Your Brand and Business
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