Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013 – Highlights: Martha Stewart’s Blogger Blunder; Video Ads Coming to Facebook Mobile; Big Banks Roll Out Social Media Command Centers; Grammar Boot Camp

 Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Six Simple Steps to Switch Your IR Site
By Ibrey Woodall, Vice President, Web Communications Services, Business Wire
Earlier this year, The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. purchased the Corporate Solutions Division of Thomson Reuters which included their IR site hosting services. Recently, NYSE Euronext announced that it would discontinue financial subsidies for companies using these legacy services.Needless to say …

Tired Of Being Overqualified? 4 Issues You Must Face
The Hiring Hub…By Marie Raperto
Are you being told that you are overqualified for jobs? You should make sure that you meet at least 80% of the qualifications for a job. If you do and, in fact, you have more than that, you may be answering ads for jobs where you are overqualified. Now, there may be a good reason for that. You may want a change …

Print is “Still Vital and Exciting – More Exciting Than Ever. But …” Newell Turner, Editorial Director, Design Group, Hearst Magazines
The Mr. Magazine™ Minute
“Don’t you miss the old days,” someone asked Newell Turner, editorial director of the Hearst Design Group (House Beautiful, Elle Decor and Veranda). His answer, “Absolutely NOT.” Find out why and how does Mr. Turner view the role …

Vote Now On The Future Of Professional Development
Editor’s Note: CommPRO.biz wants to hear from you. Please take our two-minute survey about your professional development needs and goals. We’ll share the results with you during a Google+ Hangout On Air.


2013 Silver Anvils: Research and Evaluation Take a Big Step Forward
By Catherine Lugbauer, President, The Lugbauer Group: For the PR ROI Channel
The quality of public relations research and evaluation has improved substantially in the last several years and the 2013 PRSA’s Silver Anvil winners both reflect that progress and give promise to the future. It’s been rewarding for longtime …

Martha Stewart’s Blogger Blunder
For the Digital PR Channel
It would seem that the right hand does not know what the left hand is up to over at Martha Stewart Living. And that Martha herself doesn’t quite get social media and blogging. I’d bet real money that there has been some gnashing of teeth this week by the PR department/PR agency that handles Martha Stewart. Martha had some strong comments about bloggers, yet her PR folk pitch bloggers in …

Gorkana Meets…Stephen Payne, PRSA
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
Stephen Payne, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Feld Entertainment, on a simple letter, his rolodex and preparing for the curveball.The thing that gets me up in the morning is… Actually my dogs usually wake me up before anything else so sleeping in is not really an option. What made me want to get into PR was…

Do You “Bing” or “Google” for New Investment Opportunities?
For the Agile Engagement Channel
As you would imagine, the straight-up PR teams within PR Newswire place great emphasis on helping clients maximize their Search Engine Optimization. Google’s 2013 “readjustment” of their search algorithms made our SEO guidance even more germane.We all know why proper SEO is essential for marketing products and services ~ but what about investor relations? Do investors …

Gorkana Meets…Mike McDougall, APR
For the PRSA 2013 International Conference Channel
Mike McDougall, President of McDougall Communications, on strategic partnerships, corporate philanthropy and preventing vision loss among children in developing nations.The thing that gets me up in the morning is…On weekdays, the chance to make a difference in someone’s life.


GRAMMAR BOOT CAMP – In The Office And Grappling with Grammatical Gaffes: What’s Acceptable and What’s Not?
Robert/Bob Noltenmeier, clinical assistant professor in the New York University M.S. Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication program, will review common errors now becoming acceptable in everyday writing. Language evolves, but what happens when that evolution moves too quickly?

Google+ Hangout On Air: How Journalists and Bloggers Can Learn From Each Other
FREE ONLINE EVENT – October 24th
On Thursday, Oct. 24, from 1-1:45 p.m. EDT, ProfNet will host its very first Google+ Hangout On Air! Learn what techniques journalists can learn from a personal writing landscape such as blogging, and how can bloggers take on a journalistic approach when managing their blog. Christine Cube, business journalist …

Patrice Tanaka Shares Session Track Highlights: PRSA 2013 International Conference (NEW VIDEO)
LIVE EVENT: October 26-29
Patrice Tanaka, Chief Counselor & Creative Strategist, PadillaCRT, shares session track highlights of the upcoming PRSA 2013 International Conference in Philadelphia, October 26 – 29.


Consumer Focus To Be on Small Tablets for Holidays
Top Tech News
Since Apple came out with the iPad, the tablet Relevant Products/Services market has grown exponentially, and based on recent studies, it may well become just as important as the desktop and smartphone markets. No matter what, the growth of the tablet market, even with new competitors such as ultraslim convertible laptops, will rival traditional computing methods. Industry research firm Gartner Relevant Products/Services has come out with an updated forecast predicting that the tablet market will grow by 53.4 percent this year, contrasted by an 8.4 percent decline in PC Relevant Products/Services shipments for 2013.

Video Ads Coming To a Facebook Mobile App Near You
Venture Beat
Facebook announced this morning that it is allowing advertisers to target mobile consumers with video ads. Yup, full-video commercials are coming to your Facebook app on both iPhone and Android. The ad type is targeted at companies promoting their mobile apps: “Potential customers will be able to click play to watch a video featuring your mobile app before installing the app,” Facebook’s Radu Margarint posted this morning.


Netflix Now Has More Than 40 Million Members
Netflix revealed in its third quarter earnings report that it had 29.9 million paid subscribers as of the end of September, up from 28.6 million at the end of June. By comparison, Bloomberg reports that HBO has 28.7 million, according to SNL Kagan, a researcher. In total, Netflix reported having 40 million members, up from less than 30 million a year earlier. Roughly 37 million of those members are paid subscribers. Netflix’s subscriber growth of 1.3 million domestically and 1.4 million abroad were significantly better than Wall Street estimates of 1.1 million and 950,000 new subscribers, respectively.

US OKs Alibaba structure
China Daily
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd has paved its way for a listing in the United States after both of the country’s bourses are said to have given the green light to the e-commerce giant’s special corporate governance structure, which derailed the company’s initial public offering plan in Hong Kong. A representative for Alibaba said on Monday that both the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq had accepted the e-commerce company’s special partnership structure, which would let its top executives nominate the majority of board members.

In Many Media Companies, Investors Are Flying Second Class
For the vast majority of publicly traded U.S. firms, stockholders have voting power that is proportionate to their financial risk. But media companies are often different. Numerous media companies are “controlled” or “dual-class” firms. They have a capital structure where the founders, their families or other insiders have voting rights over corporate decisions that far outweigh their actual financial and cash flow rights.

The Roar of the Crowd
The Economist
After being approved by Guinness World Records to try to break the world record for “loudest stadium crowd roar”, Volume 12, a group of Seattle football fans, spent two months spreading the word to fill CenturyLink Field’s 67,000 fixed seats. At last month’s game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers not only did the home fans successfully beat the world record at 136.6 decibels, but the stadium beat its own attendance record, with 68,338 people watching the Seahawks romp to victory.

No One Is Ordering Salads at McDonald’s
Breaking: people do not go to McDonald’s to eat salads. Not even healthy people. Or at least one ex-Marine who “who jogs regularly and swears off soft drinks” told the Wall Street Journal that he orders cheeseburgers at the fast food chain: “If I specifically wanted a salad I’d go to Panera.” Most people, it seems, order cheeseburgers at McDonald’s. The WSJ takes a look at the fast food chain’s sluggish recent growth and finds that they’ve “gone about as far as they can with their menu,” according to one analyst. In fact, back in May CEO Don Thompson told Bloomberg salads only make up 2-3% of sales and that McDonald’s would be refocusing on classic hits like burgers.

Hutchison Cancels ParknShop Sale; To Conduct A.S. Watson Review
Nam News
Hutchison Whampoa has formally dropped its plan to sell off the ParknShop supermarket business, saying it will instead expand the chain in China. The conglomerate also said it will conduct a strategic review of its A.S. Watson health & beauty retail unit, which may result in a public offering. ParknShop has a 40% share of the Hong Kong grocery market, and operates 345 supermarkets in Hong Kong, China and Macau. Hutchison had been looking to raise $3bn-$4bn from the sale, which had drawn interest from major players such as Aeon, Woolworths Ltd, and China Resources Enterprises. In a statement, the group noted that it has “decided not to pursue a private sale of its ParknShop business at this time and will continue to implement an accelerated growth strategy with a particular focus in mainland China”.


Google Maps Charts New Territory Into Businesses
Is the map the next big shared file type to revolutionize businesses, the way that the spreadsheet and the document have? Google thinks so, and it’s betting on enterprise maps in a big way. Google’s new Maps Engine Pro lets businesses import their data onto a map, from which they can then analyze it and share. Enterprise accounts will cost $5 per user per company. Brian McClendon, vice president of Google Maps, was not shy about his intentions for the new tools. “We believe this will be the new document type, and Google’s adding it to the arsenal,” he said from a room overlooking the Bay Bridge at Google’s San Francisco office.

Big Banks Roll Out Social Media Command Centers
The Financial Brand
Not more than three or four years ago, financial institutions began to realize they would need more staff to manage the massive workload required to maintain an effective social media presence. And once banks started hiring social media specialists, it was inevitable that these new employees would eventually get their own digs. In late 2012, NAB in Australia became the first bank to open a “social media command center” when they opened the doors on a new space for their seven-person social support team. Then there was MasterCard, with their “Conversation Suite.”


Google Goes After Reporters With New “Google Media Tools” Site
Google has become the latest tech company to introduce a centralized resource containing tools aimed at courting journalists, with the launch of a new hub called Google Media Tools. The idea is to offer a one-stop shop where reporters can access and learn to use a number of Google services, from Google Search trends to Google Maps, as well as get details on how to use Google to enhance their reporting on topics ranging from political elections to humanitarian disasters and more.

Researchers Have 3 tips to Help Journalists Debunk Misinformation
Having the truth on your side is a necessary thing when trying to debunk misinformation. But it’s far from enough. The truth alone does not change minds, create belief. Convincing people of your argument, or correcting someone else’s lies, requires more than unearthing the truth and reciting the facts. So what’s a journalist to do?

Ruth Edelman, Who Helped Husband Build Public Relations Firm, Dies at 84
Chicago Sun-Times
Ruth Edelman was the matriarch of the public relations firm her husband founded in Chicago in 1952, which has grown to be the world’s largest. When Daniel J. Edelman, who died in January, opened the company’s first office in the Merchandise Mart, she picked out the lamps and furniture. They had met several months earlier on a blind date. “He took her for a drive and they parked along the lake and she figured, ‘Oh, I’m in trouble,’ but he didn’t make a move,” said their son Richard Edelman, who now runs the company.


TV Ad Prices: Football Is Still King
Ad Age Digital Next
Football scores another touchdown. For the second consecutive year, NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” is TV’s costliest show for advertisers, with a 30-second spot in the 2013-2014 season averaging $593,700 in upfront negotiations, up 8.9% from $545,142 last year, according to Ad Age’s annual pricing survey. As viewers continue to time-shift programming, with networks pointing out a significant increase in DVR and video-on-demand usage this fall, football benefits from being one of the few programs consumers watch live.

Yahoo Poaches NYT Tech Columnist David Pogue
From the Gray Lady to the Big Purple Turnaround: Yahoo has poached famed New York Times tech columnist David Pogue to head up its consumer-tech coverage. Pogue will lead a “major expansion” of Yahoo’s tech coverage on a new website starting later this year, the company said. Under CEO Marissa Mayer’s leadership, Yahoo has been working to launch big new initiatives while streamlining its focus.

Should Twitter, Facebook and Google Launch Newspapers?
I read The New York Times on Sunday. It was weird. Although I was a devoted subscriber and reader of the paper for many years, the idea of sitting down to a physical newspaper and reading through the sections felt alien. As I sat there and read, I felt the constant pull of my smartphone on the table. I felt the urge to check on today’s news, because yesterday’s felt old. Like so many people, I get my news online these days, which I discover mostly on social media. It’s time we all faced the cold, hard fact that our “newspaper” is now Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Texas
Daily Beast
University of Texas Austin students better take note they next time they’re on a date-their escapades might just end up in the Daily Texan, the 100-year-old campus newspaper. The award-winning newspaper has a venerable history-alums include Walter Cronkite, Lady Bird Johnson, Robert Bill Moyers, and Liz Smith-but this year, editors decided to veer into brave new territory: sex columns. “Safe sex should be something people should want to talk about openly and honestly,” says Kelsey McKinney, the associate managing editor of the Daily Texan. “It’s something that can be important-but also can be a little bit more fun than our breaking news.”


UK is ‘Wedded’ to Technology
The extent to which Britons have become glued to modern technology has been revealed in a detailed new survey that found the average person uses some form of connected device 34 times a day. Furthermore, one-in-six smartphone owners use their device whilst shopping and just over half of them (52%) say they prefer to check their smartphone whenever they have a bit of ‘downtime’. Research from the Internet Advertising Bureau revealed 56% of smartphone owners used their device for everyday tasks and 34% described it as a “lifesaver”, figures which rose to 70% and 52% respectively among users aged 18 to 30.

New York City Will Zap Your Electric Car With Power From Manhole Covers
Fast Company
Electric vehicle charging stations that look like manhole covers may be coming to New York City as early as 2014, if all goes according to Jeremy McCool’s plan. Five years ago, McCool came home from Iraq after fighting during the troop surge of 2007. It was there, he says, that he made a promise to do whatever he could to reduce national reliance on foreign fuels. After a $25,000 grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs that McCool invested in research and development, he now has an EV charging prototype to embed in city streets.

Wired for Teaching
Inside Higher Ed
A growing number of faculty members are using social media in the classroom and are finding technology to be both a help and a hindrance, according to a new survey. About 40 percent of faculty members used social media as a teaching tool in 2013, an increase from 33.8 percent in 2012, according to a report by the Babson Survey Research Group and Pearson Learning Solutions. Likewise, more faculty members used social media for professional communications and work in 2013 (55 percent) than in 2012 (44.7 percent). In both years, faculty members most often used social media for personal purposes.

Can Wearable Technology Boost Productivity?
With great power comes great responsibility. There is some confusion over whether this quote should be attributed to Voltaire or Spiderman. Either way, the message is the same and one that should be resonating with the inventors, companies, brands, media, policy makers and industries hitching a ride on the innovation bullet train of wearable technologies.


Ruth Edelman
Richard Edelman – 6 A.M.


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