Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013 – Gov’t Shutdown Threatens Twitter IPO; Fraud Behind Fake Online Reviews; WS is Under Heavy Regulatory Attack…DC is Under Heavy Fog; $503B Global Ad Spend in 2013

 Tuesday, October 01, 2013




I’m A Recruiter: 10 Things I Want From A Candidate
The Hiring Hub…By Marie Raperto
Recruiters are engaged to assist ‘hiring companies’ to find the best talent. We often have jobs open that are ‘confidential’ and have not been advertised. Many times we get jobs that have been advertised, but the company has not found the right person. When we get a position to fill, we start to think about candidates we have met as we use our databases and network to find other candidates.

The Fraud Behind Fake Online Reviews
By Daniel W. Draz, M.S., CFE, Principal, Fraud Solutions
The announcement last week by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman regarding a settlement with 19 companies writing fake online reviews should not have come as a surprise to anyone as you really can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. In fact, it confirmed what we already knew: the Web has vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities allow individuals to be anyone, or …

The Cost of Doing Bad Business – WS is Under Heavy Regulatory Attack…DC is Under Heavy Fog
By Mark T. Williams
It is extremely dangerous when elected officials put their own political agenda’s ahead of the people who elected them in office especially when it places the U.S. economic recovery in jeopardy. Pushing the economy off the cliff to gain political points is bad politics. On the heels of poor economic news from the Fed …




Government Shutdown: Ramifications for US EDGAR Filers
For the Agile Enagement Channel
If appropriations are not completed by October 1 (the first day of FY 2014 for the U.S. Government), the Securities and Exchange Commison (SEC) will start winding down its operations until the appropriations are completed. What will be available at the SEC (related to filings) …

Associations Outgrow Unions
For the Critical Now Channel
According to the AARP, nine out of ten adults belong to at least one association. In 2010, the percentage of workers belonging to a union in the United States had fallen to 11.4%.

Email Deliverability Best Practices
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
Do you know what deliverability is? Do you know if your emails are getting into the inbox at Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other ISPs? Peruse these resources we’ve put together over the years about deliverability best practices. Email Marketing Metrics 101: Deliverability You’re probably familiar with the most common email metrics: Open rate, click rate, click-through rate, etc. However, do you know …

I Just Can’t Go Any Further (or Farther)
For the Agile Enagement Channel
I forget why I decided that this would be my topic for the week. I probably had an email I was writing and trying to figure out which word to use when I experienced a brain drain so severe I rewrote the sentence to avoid using either word. Here’s the good news–further and farther essentially mean the same thing (at a greater distance), but there are some specific guidelines to follow for correct …




IMPACT Leadership 21 Global Summit Oct. 10
LIVE EVENT – New York City
Women and men leaders across all sectors–corporate, non-profit, government, entrepreneurship and social change–will come together to discuss how they can collaborate to move more women up to the highest levels of influence at the IMPACT Leadership 21 Global Summit on Thursday, Oct. 10, from 12:30 – 9 pm at The New York Times headquarters. The theme of the summit, “Collaboration …

How Multicultural Women Get Ahead…In The Office With Denise Evans, VP, Market Development, IBM
Join Denise Evans and Janet Salazar as they share their corporate cultural experience. IBM is rated the #1 company for top leaders. According to FORTUNE, IBM goes beyond and above grooming people to be leaders. Denise will tell Janet Salazar how multicultural women get ahead at IBM and what you need to do!

A Workshop on Mobile Communications
Mobile technology has changed the way everyone consumes information, especially investors. We are in the midst of a communications revolution that presents not only uncertainty and confusion as to how communicators are going to leverage this technology, but also great opportunity. As a first-mover in bringing publicly-traded companies into the burgeoning area of mobile …

In The Office: Association Trends for 2014
Associations are often the first to see a trend developing. These trends can affect not only associations but also how member company’s market and communicate to their constituents. Hear John Graham, President and CEO of ASAE, discuss the effects of the economy, trends in marketing & communications, content management and advocacy. What does 2014 have in store? Join the discussion.

Employing Visual Content for Compelling Storytelling
The presence of content in its various forms across the digital landscape has given rise to an era of instant gratification–a time where anyone can search for a topic of their choosing or send out a message through their social channels to obtain relevant information. As organizations seek to maintain visibility, share their stories and establish a connection with the digital masses consuming …




Egypt’s Entrepreneurial Revolution: A Community Of Startups Rises From The Ashes
Fast Company
In post-revolutionary Egypt, where young people make up a quarter of the population, the number of startups, incubators, competitions, and angel investors has grown into a rapidly evolving sector. “After January 25, we took ownership of our country, we do not wait for help from someone else,” says Gamal Sadek, a co-founder of Bey2ollak, a user-driven traffic application that won Google’s first startup competition in the Middle East and North Africa region.

CNN’s Hillary Clinton Documentary Is Off
The Atlantic Wire
The director of CNN’s planned Hillary Clinton documentary-the one that rankled Republicans in August-has abandoned the project since no one he talked to seemed terribly enthusiastic about seeing the movie made. As he explains in a Huffington Post blog post, Charles Ferguson describes the hostility he received from both Republicans and people within the Clinton circle. He ultimately concluded that because he would never get the access he needed, he wouldn’t be able to pull off a film he’d be “proud” of. “Not Democrats, not Republicans – and certainly nobody who works with the Clintons, wants access to the Clintons, or dreams of a position in a Hillary Clinton administration,” he wrote. “Not even journalists who want…

200 Seconds For a Fast-Food Drive-Thru Burger? Way Too Slow
The Los Angeles Times
The fast-food drive-thru window is key to the whole “fast” part of the deal, but with more menu choices than ever, those custom burrito bowls are slowing down the process. In fast-food time, waiting 150 seconds for your order is an eternity. According to the new QSR magazine and Insula research Drive-Thru Performance Study, which looks at what it calls six benchmark group brands…

Financial Watchdog With Bite to Depart His Agency
New York Times
David Meister is waging legal battles against some of the biggest names in finance. There’s JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank. The CME Group, one of the world’s largest futures exchanges. And Jon S. Corzine, the former governor of New Jersey. But now, Mr. Meister is poised to step down from his role as head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s enforcement unit, a move that may put the future of those cases in question.

Surface 2 sales TAKE OFF as Delta Air Lines Scoops Up a Big Batch
The Register
How many of Microsoft’s ARM-powered Surface 2 fondleslabs has it sold so far during the presale period leading up to the tablet’s October 22 launch? At least 11,000, as it turns out, because that’s how many were snapped up by US passenger carrier Delta Air Lines.”Delta is rolling out these new tablets to replace the traditional paper document flight bags you’ve probably seen pilots lug around in large briefcases, which weigh on average, a surprising 38 pounds each,” Microsoft’s Erwin Visser wrote in a blog post on Monday.




Government Shutdown Threatens Twitter IPO: Company Rumored To Be Ready To File This Week
International Business Times
Rumor has it that the Twitter IPO is ready and the San Francisco-based company may submit files this week, but the threat of a shutdown of the U.S. government may delay its release. Twitter tweeted that it had confidentially submitted forms for an IPO to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Sept. 12, though it actually submitted the forms back in July. Given the time it has had to iron out the details, many believe that this IPO will happen quicker than most others. We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale.

Companies Find a Faster IPO Turnaround Doesn’t Hurt
The Wall Street Journal
A week, in the words of the late British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, is a long time in politics. But how long are three weeks in the stock market? Investors are starting to find out. New rules on initial public offerings allow smaller companies to file their listing documents privately with regulators and then reveal them as little as three weeks before the company proposes a price for its shares. Traditionally, investors have had months to pore over such documents.

Banking Fees Climb for 15th Year: How to Avoid Costs
Fox Business
Here’s some bad news for banking customers: Fees at financial institutions are up for the 15th consecutive year. Checking fees also hit a record high this year, according to Bankrate’s (RATE) 2013 Checking Survey. ATM fees were also on the rise, with the average ATM surcharge climbing 4% to $2.60 in 2013, and the average foreign ATM fee falling 3% to $1.53. Common ATM fees that consumers fall prey to are out-of-network surcharges assessed by the ATM owner and from their own bank for using a foreign bank.




China’s Top-Down Take on Innovation
The Wall Street Journal
To understand why China has such a tough time producing world-class innovations, take a look at how the Chinese play games. Ping pong tables are everywhere in public spaces and open to all comers, from kids to agile retirees, producing a reservoir of talent that has made China a ping pong innovator and champion. By contrast, basketball courts in China are generally locked up. Entrance is controlled by the state-in this case, school officials-shrinking the talent pool and the chance for youngsters to hone their moves. The result: basketball mediocrity.

Tech Companies Ruling The Best Global Brands List – Apple Inc, Intel, Facebook Inc, BlackBerry
eFinance Hub
According to an annual report, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) attains the position of new most valuable brand in the world. The report is from Interbrand, a corporate identity and brand consulting company owned by the Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE:OMC) that has been collecting the Best Global Brands report since 2000. The previous No. 1 brand was the Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) now fell to No. 3. Jez Frampton, global chief executive at Interbrand…

The Marketing Diet: Want to lose weight? Give up Marketing.
Scientific American
Did you know that there is a powder that you can sprinkle onto your food that will make you lose weight? Or that you can “eat yourself skinny” just by consuming a number of “super-foods” that will “whittle away your waist?” Also apparently there is just “one weird trick” you can use to melt away your belly fat. If you live in America, and have been outside your home, watched television, or looked at the Internet ever, you are probably aware of at least one of these amazing advances in weight-loss technology.

IKEA Starts Selling Residential Solar Panels In The UK
IKEA, the largest home-furnishing retailer worldwide is taking its first step in bringing renewable energy to consumers worldwide. The company will begin offering residential solar panels at its stores in the United Kingdom, according to a report from the Associated Press. On Monday, the Swedish-based home-furnishing company started selling residential solar panels made by Hanergy Solar Group Ltd (HKG:0566) at its stores in Southampton. IKEA is planning to sell the product in all of its stores in Britain over the next several months.




Unity, Ogilvy PR Lead Global Creativity Agency Ranking
The Holmes Report
UK PR firm Unity has stolen a march on its larger rivals to emerge as the most creative PR agency in the world, according to the 2013 Global Creative Index. Now in its second year, the Global Creative Index analyses entries and winners from more than 25 PR award programmes from around the world, over a 12 month period, using the 2013 Cannes Lions as a cut-off point. Scores were weighted according to a Holmes…

How Barilla, Apple and Facebook say sorry
The controversy started Thursday, when Barilla said in an Italian radio interview, “We won’t include gays in our ads, because we like the traditional family. If gays don’t like it, they can always eat another brand of pasta. Everyone is free to do what they want, provided it doesn’t bother anyone else,” according to a translation by AmericaBlog. (Italian speakers can listen to the interview here.) The offense couldn’t come at a more inopportune time for the 136-year-old family-owned company, which is in the midst of a major push into the U.S. market. “There is undoubtedly potential for expansion in the U.S.,” Barilla, the great-grandson of the company’s founder, told The Wall Street Journal last year.





AOL to Start Advertising on TV Again, With Commercials for New Subscription Service Gathr
All Things D
More than nine months after AOL shelved plans for a hip-hop-inspired TV commercial that would have been the first TV ad of CEO Tim Armstrong’s tenure, the company has decided to make a return to TV advertising. AOL is planning a multiplatform ad campaign that includes TV commercials to promote Gathr, a new service it is launching publicly…

More Than 10 Million Watch Finale of ‘Breaking Bad’
The New York Times
Backed by near-unanimous critical praise, incessant social media conversation and intense coverage on every form of talk show, “Breaking Bad” soared to its highest ratings ever – and one of the top ratings of all time for a drama on cable television – in its finale Sunday night on AMC. The final episode reached 10.3 million viewers in its first airing, at 9 p.m., despite ferocious competition elsewhere on television Sunday night. That was an enormous increase from the show’s previous high, 6.6 million viewers a week ago.

Digital Ads Will Be 22% Of All U.S. Ad Spend In 2013, Mobile Ads 3.7%; Total Global Ad Spend In 2013 $503B
Global ad spend in 2013 will see steady growth of 3.5% to reach $503 billion by the end of the year, and the amount going into internet advertising will continue to get larger, according to figures out today from Publicis-owned ad agency ZenithOptimedia. In the U.S. – disporportionately the largest single ad market – digital in 2013 will account for 21.8% of all ad spend ($109.7 billion), up from 19% the year before. Meanwhile, mobile remains a solid minority of activity: in the U.S., mobile ads will account for 3.7% of all ad spend ($6.2 billion).





Your Transparent Life: Facebook Makes All Posts Searchable
ReadWrite Biz
Facebook’s steady march to make its users’ lives as transparent as possible is about to take another big step forward. The social network will shortly let you search posts, comments and images across Facebook (subject to privacy settings). The update to Facebook’s Graph Search function, launched earlier this year, will let users search for status updates, photo captions…

Forget Fingerprints: Your Iris is Your New Identity
At the entrance to “The Vault,” the most secure room within the most protected building operated by security services provider Symantec, an iris recognition system stands guard as the last line of defense. Employees who make it this far have already swiped an access card and entered a PIN at the building’s main door and then submitted a finger to a biometric reader to move beyond the lobby. But the high accuracy rate of iris recognition technology, which uses near-infrared cameras to take a picture of the subject’s iris and then applies specialized algorithms to encode the image and match it to an…





Visualizing the DNA of a Social Business Via Infographics
Brian Solis


Would Her Best Friend, Leslie, Still Say “Oh She’s Just Being Miley?”

Dog Tweets of the Week–Google Reveals Major Update to Search Algorithm
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Challenges and Risk Mitigation for PR When the Crisis Root is Social
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Ethics in Public Relations: Don’t Be ‘Alice’

28 Amazing Content Marketing Ideas You Can Use Now
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