Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013: Which Liars Are You Thankful For?; Chrysler IPO Not Happening in 2013; Tips To Drive Measurable Value With Social Data; Ultimate Orangina Social Media Experience

 Tuesday, November 26, 2013




The Power of Appreciation: How to Create an Organizational Culture of Appreciation that Impacts the Bottom Line
By Steven Gaffney, CEO & President, Steven Gaffney Company
My grandfather lived in a nursing home during the last several years of his life. During one of my visits to see him, a nurse pulled me aside and told me what a great man my grandfather was. I appreciated that and asked her why she thought so. She said, “He is one of the only people here who consistently says …

Which Liars Are You Thankful For – And How Do You Deal With The Rest?
By Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D
Audiences are often startled into silence when I ask them which workplace liars they are most grateful for. But after a little encouragement and few minutes reflection, they begin to come up with some interesting answers: I like liars who say, “That’s a nice jacket” and don’t mention the ten pounds I’ve gained.

5 Steps To Drive Measurable Value With Social Data
Download the 5 Step Program
Over the past few years, large companies have enthusiastically adopted social media. The average enterprise-class business owns 178 social media accounts. Yet in most of these organizations social data remains isolated from other sources of information such as CRM, business intelligence, and market research. Marketwired shares 5 steps that can help …

A Time to Be ‘Thankful’ and ‘Ethical.’ Not to Ignore the Obvious.
By W.T. “Bill” McKibben, Senior Counsel, The Great Lakes Group
We are five years into a worldwide recession. And while the United States is very sluggishly gaining ground, much of the rest of the world is sliding further into the abyss. Germany has parlayed a heavily subsidized manufacturing sector into the best of a bad lot. The rest of the Euro block is gasping for air.Yet many in Europe and in the United States seem determined to defy history in dealing with …

An Intern’s Point-of-View: Five Tips to Stand Out from the Crowd
By Angelo Jones, Student / Intern, CommPRO.biz
Standing out in job interviews or among others in a social setting can sometimes be difficult. Do not be discouraged. Seasoned employees, college career staff and even the news may say its hard to get a job or with 10,000 people graduating with the same degree as you, landing a job off the bat my be impossible.




Media Databases: A Valuable Research Tool in the Right Hands
By Victoria Harres,VP, Audience Development & Social Media, PR Newswire: For the Agile Engagement Channel
A good tool can only live up to its potential with the skill of a good craftsman. The carpenter’s motto of measuring twice and cutting once makes that point clearly. If a cut is made in the wrong place it doesn’t matter how many features the saw had. Many years ago, when I first started with PR Newswire, I worked in …

The Ultimate Orangina Social Media Experience: An Inside Look At The Creation of Their New Online Spokesperson
For the Strategic Video Communications Channel
Mike Bako, Marketing Manager of D S Simon Productions, speaks with Uri Roos, Co-Founder of Fortress Social Building, about his work with Orangina International and the introduction of Bulby as the brand’s new online spokesperson. “The bottle is so recognizable, and they wanted to …

7 Tips for What Does and Doesn’t Work in Email
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
Email marketers often see the holidays as a time to pull out all the stops. Just as post offices are flooded with letters addressed to Santa Claus, inboxes are overwhelmed with emails. The challenge to send subscribers the most eye-grabbing emails possible begins. We’re all about poking the box. However, before you go crazy with videos, animated pictures, email backgrounds and …

Animation Videos Make Complex Ideas Entertaining
By Aram Harutyunyan, Lead Designer, Digital Pomegranate: For the Content Couture Channel
When we talk about animation videos, we are not talking about putting Mickey Mouse on your home page. An animated video represents a unique opportunity to present a complex idea in an entertaining format. Cartoons have universal, ‘ageless’ appeal. They’re a powerful, yet whimsical way to tell your story online.




3 Reasons Why Active Workforce Engagement is Good for Business
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Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace study finds that 70% of American employees are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work, costing the US $450-550 billion dollars annually. On the other hand, organizations in the top 25% of Gallup’s employee engagement database report significantly higher …




Grandparents Gone Wired Encourages Youth to Teach Tech at Grandma’s House This Holiday Season
BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Nov 25, 2013) – Young people will carve out some quality time with their older relatives during this year’s family gatherings by using their gaming and interactive skills to help grandparents find a place at the technology table. Thanks to an interactive campaign created by Dailybreak Media, the native engagement platform designed to drive brand participation and consumer action at scale, youth are encouraged to share their tech knowledge with older adults and post photographs of their efforts via social media.


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Does Katie Couric’s Move to Yahoo Signal the End of Old Media Dominance?
Daily Beast
When, years from now, historians try to piece together the exact moment that the balance of cultural power shifted from old media to new, when the old lions guarding the gatehouse were flattened by the democratizing power of the Internet and social media, the events of the last few months, or even the last couple of days, may provide a clue. On Friday, news broke that Katie Couric, one of the most recognizable stars of television, was leaving ABC for Yahoo News.

FDA To 23andMe Founder Anne Wojcicki: Stop Marketing $99 DNA Test Or Face Penalties
Fast Company
The FDA has written a letter to Anne Wojcicki, founder of $99 DNA testing service 23AndMe, insisting it “immediately discontinue marketing the [Personal Genome Service] until such time as it receives FDA marketing authorization for the device.” The FDA accuses Wojcicki and her company of “marketing the 23andMe Saliva Collection Kit and Personal Genome Service (PGS) without marketing clearance or approval in violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (the FD&C Act).” Reached for comment via email, a 23andMe spokesperson provided the following statement…

Why We’ll See The First Ad-Supported Phone In 2014
Ad Exchanger
“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Russell Glass, CEO at Bizo. Smartphones are dominating the mobile market. With 1.4 billion predicted to be in consumer hands by the end of 2013, the most valuable digital real estate in the world is no longer the homepage of an online search engine like Google.com…

Yahoo Can’t Get Its Employees To Use Yahoo Mail, Memo Reveals
Huffington Post
You know things are bad when you can’t get your employees to use your company’s email. Yahoo is having a difficult time getting its employees to switch to Yahoo Mail, according to a funny internal memo obtained by All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher on Sunday.




No I.P.O. for Chrysler This Year, Fiat Says
The New York Times
Fiat said on Monday that any initial public offering for Chrysler would not take place before the end of this year. The company had been moving forward with plans for the offering after talks stalled between Fiat and a United Automobile Workers retiree health care trust on the purchase of the trust’s 41.5 percent stake in Chrysler. The trust’s administrators thought Fiat’s offer, thought to be about $3 billion…

BlackBerry Shakeup Claims Operating, Marketing and Financial Chiefs
PC World
BlackBerry’s chief operating, marketing and financial officers are leaving as recently appointed CEO John Chen makes his mark on the struggling mobile vendor. Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear, Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben and Chief Financial Officer Brian Bidulka all are leaving BlackBerry, the company announced on Monday. James Yersh, the former controller and head of compliance, will take over the top financial spot.




Facebook Driving Retailers to Advertising Tools Ahead of Holiday
Facebook Inc. (FB), owner of the world’s largest social network, said retailers have increased use of an advertising tool that lets them send promotions to their existing customers. The number of marketers using Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool in the third quarter rose almost 75 percent from the prior period, the company will say in a blog post today.

Holiday Email Marketing: Will You Be On Santa’s Naughty List?
Marketing Land
This holiday shopping season, we anticipate record growth for online sales, with Thanksgiving expected to reach $1.1 billion, Black Friday at $1.6 billion and Cyber Monday at $2.27 billion, up 15% year-over-year. With retailers opening their doors and flipping the switches for online sales earlier, your email inbox is likely already a digital deluge of email promotions and coupons for “incredible savings!”




Social Media Will Drive Chinese Liberalization : Google’s Schmidt
The rise of social media in China will lead to liberalization, and as more and more people go online China’s government will be powerless to halt the changes, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google Inc, said on Monday. Speaking at a conference in London, Schmidt recalled a meeting with President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang this month, just weeks after China passed tough regulations on social media.




I’m Ready For My Closeup: Yahoo’s Push Into Big Media
It’s official. Katie Couric is a Yahoo. Mayer announced Monday that the former ABC News personality will join Yahoo, with the title of “global anchor.” The announcement follows hints of the move stretching back to this summer that ratcheted up with a flurry of reports in recent days. The move is perfectly aligned with chief executive Marissa Mayer’s apparent vision for the company.




In Bitcoin’s Orbit: Rival Virtual Currencies Vie for Acceptance
The New York Times
For many people, bitcoin seems like something from the day after tomorrow. For Lawrence Blankenship, it’s already a thing of the past. A software engineer from Springfield, Mo., Mr. Blankenship is putting his money on PeerCoin, one of the biggest of the virtual currencies that are being promoted as alternatives to bitcoin.




3 Tools to Help You Find Influencers in Social
Top Rank

Why Mobile Optimization is Crucial for Today’s Email Marketing Campaigns
PR Nonsense

31 Ways To Thank Your Customers
Heidi Cohen: Actionable Marketing Expert

What to Do in the Debate Between Employee and Company Voice in Content Marketing
The Sales Lion

Microsoft Sees Defect on “Very Small Number” of Consoles

How Many Unnamed Officials Does It Take to Deny Civilian Deaths?

FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting