Tuesday, March 11, 2014: Pinterest’s First Transparency Report; What is Marketing?; New Measure for Profitability; Snowden Fires Up SXSW; Women at a Tipping Point

 Tuesday, March 11, 2014




Interviews: 12 Types of Interviews You Should Know
The Hiring Hub…By Marie Raperto
Interviewing is a tough process for both the interviewer and the interviewee. Job interviews can be simple or complex and depend on the hiring manager and the corporate culture. The majority of the time, you will not know what type of interview you are going to face. So knowing the different types of interviews can help you plan ahead and stay calm. Whether it’s a stress interview or just a…

Storytelling Through Cutting: How Effective Editing Can Communicate Story & Character
By Tristan Moran, Editor, Flashframe Digital Media
Editing is all about choices. It offers the opportunity to shape a story in a way that is second only to writing itself. Every time we cut, we make a choice to stop showing one thing, and show something else instead. The mere act of cutting between two shots has the effect of implying a connection between the …

The Future of Consumer Insight Uses Social Media Data
Corporate Insight
Social media has disrupted current business processes. Perception is reality is today’s socially enabled world. Anyone can say anything in millions of different channels and forums at any moment of the day or night – and they do. Globally, almost 3 billion people are connected or have access to the Internet, with billions of new posts, tweets, and other consumer generated …

What is Marketing? – From Seth Godin and Mark Burgess, to Phil Kolter, Vemma and Others…
What is Your Favorite Marketing Quote?
Editor’s Note: CommPRO reached out to our community and asked for your definiton of “marketing.” Today’s response is courtest of Don Mciver, COO at 5WPR. We welcome your thoughts/definition of marketing. According to Don Mciver, “So many different opinions on what marketing is …




Women: We Are At A Tipping Point
For the Women’s Global Leadership & Collaboration Channel
As we celebrate Women’s History Month, and as we give thanks and give ourselves a pat on the back on how much we have accomplished in advancing women’s rights, I must share this with you: “We are at a tipping point of global leadership transformation — and women are ready and equipped for the much-needed rebalance.” There has never been a point in history where we are …

Blog Profiles: Women’s Blogs
For the Agile Engagement Channel
This week, we’ll start with a history lesson on International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day this year fell on March 8. It’s been observed since the early 1900s, a “time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies.

5 Types of Digital Content You Can Publish for a Show
For the Get Found…Expanding Your Event Footprint Online Channel (NEW)
What is one of the top reasons people attend shows? To find out what’s new!There is so much news, information and rich-media that exhibitors can publish digitally to send out to the attendees and media when you exhibit at a show. Standing at a booth is great but you need to do everything possible to get people to come over so they can learn more about you.

The Ultimate Guide to Sending an Apology Email
For the Effective Email Marketing Channel
As an email marketer, you may be familiar with the sinking feeling after you’ve realized an email went out with one or more mistakes. Maybe the main link doesn’t work or there’s a misspelling in the main header. No matter if the blunder is great or small, you feel disappointed and – let’s face it – more than likely …




Canada’s Anti-Spam Law Update: What It Means for You
Free Webinar: Wednesday March 12th
Industry Canada announced updates to Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) will officially take effect on July 1, 2014.What does this mean for you as an email marketer? Our Director of Deliverability, Brad Gurley, will be addressing some key provisions of the law and how they may affect senders. In this webinar, he will discuss which senders are likely subject to the law, as well as examples …

Evolution of Media: How Newsrooms are Adapting to the Ever-Changing Digital Media Environment
Free Webinar: Thursday, March 20th
As the digital age transforms how people find, consume, and share information, media outlets are being challenged to retool their newsrooms and evolve their coverage. Despite limited resources, news organizations are investing heavily on people and technology to deliver stories that satisfy audience appetites …


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The Truth About ‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’
Business Insider
For over 40 years, Jonathan Goldsmith worked as a journeyman actor with over 100 IMDB credits to his name. In 2006, he booked the role of a lifetime: the spokesperson for a Dos Equis beer campaign that soon made him known to millions as “The Most Interesting Man In The World.”

Study: Millennials Deeply Confused About Their Politics, Finances, and Culture
The Atlantic
Or at least deeply contradictory: They’re always connected but distrustful. They’re selfish yet accepting of minorities. They’re “independents” who mostly vote Democratic and love Obama while hating Obamacare.

Paralympics Hopeful Is Cute As A Button, Bold As All Get-Out
Huffington Post
This 7-year-old girl shows that fearlessness can make a winner out of you at any age.

Entire Abandoned Spanish Village Going For The Low Low Price Of Zero Dollars
Spain has an estimated 2,900 empty villages, hamlets and tiny towns tucked all over the country, including one dating back to the 15th century that’s currently going for the bargain basement price of absolutely no money whatsoever. Yes, an entire village for zero Euros, no dollars and absolutely no cash.

FCC May Ban Or Limit Joint TV Ad Sales Agreements
Currently, a strong TV station in a market can operate a weaker outlet in a joint sales agreement (JSA), in which two stations are sold together to advertisers — as well as jointly making retransmission deals with TV providers. The new rule proposed will require the controlling station in a JSA to attribute the ownership if the dominant station sells 15% or more of the advertising time of another station in the same market.

31% Of Christians Giving Up Tech Tor Lent
The Christian season of Lent is one of personal sacrifice. But could it also be a financial hit for such social networking giants as Twitter and Facebook.




A Top Accounting Guru’s Compelling New Measure For Profitability
A big challenge for investors is piercing management’s feel-good, “it’s all great if you leave out the bad stuff” earnings metrics to measure a company’s true profitability. Even the official GAAP accounting numbers frequently need plenty of scrubbing to reveal the real picture.

How Lego Become The World’s Hottest Toy Company
Business Insider
IT IS getting harder to go anywhere without stepping on a piece of Lego-related hype. “The Lego Movie” is number two at the American box office, after three weeks at number one. Model kits related to the film are piled high in the shops.

The Future of TV is Coming Into Focus, and Looks Pretty Great
The future of TV is here. It’s just not evenly distributed. If it doesn’t seem like the American television industry is in the middle of a dramatic transformation, that’s simply because the pieces are scattered all over the place. But they are starting to come together.

The End of Restaurant Tipping?
The argument that waiters and customers will be happier if all tip 0%




The Wall Street Journal Launches Native Advertising Division
Google Starts Running Consumer Surveys About Select Advertisers, Highlights Data In Search Ads

4 Reasons Why The $100 Million Instagram-Omnicom Ad Deal Is Promising
Instagram inked a $100 million advertising deal with ad giant Omnicom. Omnicom will buy up to $100 million in ads on Instagram this year, and will work with Instagram on improving and refining its ad products.

Beyond Free Drinks: Clever Marketing Lessons From SXSW
To stand out, the clever firms looked beyond the usual branded pens, T-shirts and stress ball giveaways to solve attendees’ problems. These marketing solutions offer lessons and inspiration for anyone looking to make an impression at any large event.




A Very Compelling Reason to Tell Employees How Much Their Peers Earn
Pinterest today published its first transparency report, with the promise to release a new edition every six months. The company revealed it only received seven warrants and five subpoenas for a total of 13 user accounts in the second half of 2013 (July through December).

Pinterest’s First Transparency Report: 12 Government Requests for Data on 13 Accounts in Second Half of 2013
The Next Web
Pinterest today published its first transparency report, with the promise to release a new edition every six months. The company revealed it only received seven warrants and five subpoenas for a total of 13 user accounts in the second half of 2013 (July through December).

What Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple Employees Have in Common
Recently, Google has emphasized that when hiring, it’s putting less weight on where a graduate went to school. But for those who want to end up in Silicon Valley, going to school in California might be a boost.

The PR Campaign To Whitewash the Right’s Anti-Gay Uganda History
As a communications person myself, I can really appreciate a good PR campaign, and the best I’ve seen in a long time is the new effort by U.S. right-wing evangelicals to completely whitewash their own history of involvement with Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality law.




The Wall Street Journal Launches Native Advertising Division
Fast Company
Blurring the Lines Between Advertorial and Editorial, WSJ. Custom studio creates narratives for interactive advertising division.

Viacom Looking To Take Spike Network Brand Global
Broadcasting & Cable
Viacom’s MTV and Nickelodeon brands are already well known worldwide. The company has also been rolling out Comedy Central, which is now in about 60 territories as well as Paramount. Spike is the candidate for an international rollout, Dauman said. “This is going to be enabled by the fact that we have been creat

New York Times Is About To Release An App Without All The News
The new app is not designed for current readers of the Times. It is meant to attract an audience that the paper has had trouble tapping – the mobile-first reader. It is the first clear admission from the Times that the strength of its product alone is not enough to counter the growth of mobile consumption.

Small-, Mid-Sized Agencies Ambivalent About Programmatic: Cite Lack Of Unified Definition
The findings come as stark contrast to the sentiment of big agency holding companies, which have invested deeply in technology and infrastructure — including the creation of dedicated “agency trading desks” — in an effort to shift from direct buys with media companies to machine-based buys negotiated via programmatic media exchanges




Coupons.com Surging More Than 90% In Stock Market Debut
Marketplace Business
Investors hoping to grab a discount on shares of Coupons.com may have missed their chance: shares of the coupon site have popped more than 90% and still rising on the company’s very first day on the market. Those who snapped up shares during Coupons.com’s pre-IPO roadshow, on the other hand, are likely celebrating what is now looking like one of the best steals of 2014 thus far.

The Man Who Reinvented the Sanitary Pad
Our pick of the week from around the web, including the school dropout transforming women’s lives, the first computer dating idea and the benefits of kids.

In Most-Anticipated SXSW Talk in Years, Snowden Fires Up Austin
The former NSA contractor appeared at SXSW Interactive by teleconference. Despite being scheduled at the same time as “Girls” creator Lena Dunham, Snowden drew thousands eager to hear directly from him.

Read Harry Potter Books in A Few Hours? New Tech May Make It Possible
The Los Angeles Times
Spritz is a new reading technology that will make its debut on the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and the Gear 2 smartwatch. The technology makes it possible for users to easily read as many as 1,000 words per minute. (Spritz)




How to Set Social Media Up from Scratch
Ducttape Marketing

13 Damn Good Ideas from 13 Dead Copywriters

The Hispanic Millennial Project
Hispanic PR Blog

How to Use Edward Snowden’s Three Tips for Digital Privacy

New Keystone Poll Reveals Media Failure
FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

IPG’s Rapport, ADstruc Reach Deal To Automate Out-Of-Home Ads
Ad Exchanger